What books or papers would you give someone to get them in the Celo spirit?

Hey friends,

I am thinking of giving some professors of mine books and printed academic papers to get them interested in researching about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Celo and the economic theories that inspired the Blockchain.

What books or papers would you suggest me to give them in order to get them onboard Celo?


Sacred Economics by Eisenstein is the book that inspired founders to start working on Celo. I started my journey with Celo from reading this book and it was an eye opening experience. Always recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about sustainable financial systems.

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Sacred Economics is a classic and inspired so much of our work at Celo. Definitely agree with Celo: Building a Regenerative Economy and I also really like Sep’s talk on 5 Features of Money and Will’s post about Celo’s Theory of Change.

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