Empowering Digital Economies: Celo and Empress Proposal


In today’s world, where the digital landscape demands inclusivity and a commitment to sustainability, Celo stands out for its innovative contributions to regenerative finance (ReFi). Our proposal to partner Celo with Empress aims to elevate this commitment, merging Celo’s cutting-edge blockchain technology with Empress’s advanced business tools. This collaboration is designed to drive progress in the digital economy, prioritizing eco-friendly and innovative business solutions.

About Me

I’m Joe Nyzio. My journey 2.5 years with the Celo Developer Relations team, dedicatedly building the Celo Docs, Celo Sage program and Celo Academy has equipped me with a deep technical understanding and a strong commitment to digital inclusivity and sustainability. As I build Empress, I’m deeply committed to the Celo mission and hope that this proposal can lead to enhanced adoption by businesses, empowering communities with advanced business tools backed by the Celo blockchain.

What is Empress?

Empress aims to be a cornerstone of modern business operations, providing an intuitive platform with customizable tools and automated workflows designed to fast-track growth and streamline operations.

Powered by the Frappe framework, Empress is tailored for the modern business landscape, offering:

  • An All-In-One Business Suite: Simplify operations with our comprehensive toolkit.
  • Low-Code App Builder: Create custom solutions with ease.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor your workflows to fit your business needs.
  • Workflow Automation: Boost efficiency with automated processes.
  • On-Demand Experts: Access expert developers and automation engineers.

Our Purpose

Our purpose extends beyond providing business tools, with a focus to empower local businesses to operate more efficiently, enabling them support their local communities and operate more sustainably in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Benefits for Celo

This collaboration promises to enhance Celo’s business adoption and impact:

  • Wider Impact: Integrating with Empress applications broadens Celo’s accessibility and reach.
  • Innovation Leadership: Highlights Celo’s role in spearheading solutions for the digital economy.
  • Sustainable Practices: Emphasizes our shared commitment to eco-friendly business practices.
  • Market Expansion: Taps into a need for intuitive business solutions, promoting broader adoption
  • Visionary Change: Strengthens Celo’s influence as a catalyst for an inclusive financial ecosystem.

This partnership will extend Celo’s vision to empower local communities with financial tools as we continue to grow our community initiatives such as our #RiseUp program.

Proposed Next Steps

We’d love to hear from the community to better understand the goals, level of interest, and how we can best serve the Celo ecosystem. If the community is interested, here are a few next steps we propose.

  • Guidance & Grants: Establish terms of engagement with strategic guidance from Celo.
  • Joint Innovation: Assemble a team dedicated to seamless technology integration.
  • Pilot Projects: Showcase Celo’s versatility across various applications and sectors.
  • Educational Initiatives: Host workshops and forums to explore blockchain’s potential.
  • Impact Reporting: Offer regular updates to highlight the partnership’s achievements and Celo’s pivotal role.


Empress aims extend Celo’s vision as they imagine more for the future of the digital economy—more inclusivity, more sustainability, and more empowerment. We invite the community to join us in this venture, to share insights, and join us as we overcome boundaries for blockchain adoption and continue the mission of prosperity for all.

Empress - Imagine More.


This will be a landslide breathrough for businesses looking to widen the horizon of their digital transformation through seamless DeFi


Would be interesting to see Celo on this​:smiling_face::heart:


Yes, I think it could be!


Definitely could help onboard more businesses :purple_heart:


A friend saw this announcement and said, a way for Celo to promote their education mission as Empres mission align perfectly with that. Weldone team at Empress in promoting this for business. Can’t wait to see @celo adopting tools to achieve their goals.


This looks quite innovative. and I think this would help the Celo


“Exciting to see the Empress proposal aligning with Celo’s commitment to regenerative finance and sustainability. The integration of Empress’s business tools with Celo’s blockchain technology holds great promise for driving progress in the digital economy. The proposed collaboration not only expands Celo’s accessibility and reach but also positions Celo as a leader in innovative, sustainable business practices. The emphasis on empowering local communities through the #RiseUp program further strengthens the shared vision of creating an inclusive financial ecosystem. Looking forward to the positive impact this partnership can bring to both Celo and Empress. Well done, Joe Nyzio and team!”


Thanks @Taiwrash! Definitely looking forward to supporting the Celo mission :purple_heart:

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Thanks @Ishan! Innovating to make a difference :smile:

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Thanks @emiridbest - excited to support a mission that helps local communities.:purple_heart:

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Hiya, are you able to expand more on what the offer actually is? Looking at your website I can see lots of pricing but very little by way of actual product/demos/test cases/detail/current users. For example what is actually offered with the ‘full business suite’?