Bringing new dApps onto Celo

Hey all - we’ve got several teams looking for new opportunities, let’s get aligned!

Some of their narratives include:
Regenerative finance
Developing nations
Financial inclusion
DeFi primitives
Creator economy
NFT use case


Hi. Who in the Celo Ecosystem is looking for new opportunities regarding payments?

We have been talking with a few big payment companies in Brazil who are trying to understand crypto.

Maybe it is because they see the crypto world getting into their backyard, like this recent move:

@joebjornsen There is an university in Recife/Brazil focused on technology, design and innovation called Cesar. They recently are having an Open Innovation initiative to try to partner up with corporations like cLabs to try to put their ecosystem of students (undergrad and graduates), startups and investors to cooperate to solve problems.

This is a website they created for it: [CESAR] Open Innovation para Startups, Corporates e Investidores

If you would like, I can intro you or anyone from Celo to the leaders of Cesar.

i’d love an intro! how can i contact you?

Can you explain what are you looking for?

Feel free tô email me at