Valora as a Super dApp vision

First, greatly appreciate all the work Valora has done so far in the Celo ecosystem, bringing financial tools to many underserved communities across the world.

I have been exploring an idea to make a dApp on Celo and I thought it would be great to integrate with Valora due to the mobile phone verification process and the access it provides to other dApps and communities. However, currently most dApps on Valora work as an external application. While it is not a very big deal, it does hinder the user experience.

Instead of it working as external application, can the dApps work inside the wallet itself? This would make Valora a Super dApp, maybe like iOS for the Celo Ecosystem. According to me, if the dApps can communicate with each other through the same wallet address in the background, it would greatly improve user experience and drive adoption.

In a multichain world, I believe each chain will have it’s own super dApp through which users can access products within that ecosystem. Because Celo already have Valora, there is a massive opportunity to leverage the mobile app to be a first mover and reach more people.

I am not a tech person so I don’t know what are the technical barriers or security implications of this are, but would love to hear the Valora team’s perspective on this.

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Hi @gvish - thanks for sharing this idea! Can we explore this together?

Right now, Valora loads dapps into the internal browser to make this journey as seamless a flow. In other words, once you’re in Valora using a dapp included on our Dapps page, you don’t need to leave Valora to continue working within web3 on the Celo blockchain.

I’d love to learn more about your vision for how we can improve this experience even more.

Can you share a bit more about this idea around Valora as a Superdapp? How would that work differently than today? What would it look like, and how would this improve your everyday experience working with Valora and dapps?

Hi @Lisa, here are instances where I think the user experience is not optimal. We can improve it with a more familiar iOS or Android like experience.

  1. Every time I go into an dapp, a pop up appears with a message saying I am about to open an external app not operated by Valora. I’d like to understand why this is currently in place, I assume it’s a security disclaimer.

    Can we improve this by opening the app directly?

    • Valora can have a dapp store and the user can install the dapps they need (call them “My Dapps”. That’s when the pop up message can be shown that “it’s an external application” and allow users to agree to the terms and conditions of the dapp. From that point, no need to show the pop up message everytime.
  2. When inside the dapp, I have to connect my wallet to access the dapp. Although we have to do this only the first time, it’s still an extra step to connect my wallet with every dapp separately.

    Not sure how we can change this, it’s not a really big deal honestly. Compared to adding credit card details in legacy payment systems, this is a much better experience. But if there’s a way to cut out this step, it would be awesome.

  3. I’ve noticed many dapps are not optimised for mobile experience. Over time as the ecosystem matures, a dapp framework to optimise for mobile would make sense.

This is how the flow would work -

  1. The main page would have all the installed dapps as icons.
  2. Instead of opening dapp into the internal browser, the dapp icon can expand like in iOS.
  3. The user can then connect wallet for the first time and subsequently use the dapp seamlessly.
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Hi @gvish! Thank you for taking the time to write this up. These are great ideas, and I agree would make ease those extra steps and make the connection appear seamless.

I’ll share this with our product team to consider for a future Valora version. Please keep these great ideas coming!

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