Unlocking Celo in the Valora app


I need help unlocking my Celo in the Valora app. I am reaching to you because Valora “customer service” couldn’t helped me and subjects that I contact you.

My Celo is lock under an a yellow circle with the letter “C” in the center.

I really need help to be able to use my investment.

Thank you

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Hi @bm2centeno - thanks for posting here. I’m sorry for the difficulties with your support ticket.

Just now, I sent a follow-up in a new ticket to help you move through this. Please check your inbox for ticket 21463. Thank you!

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Hi I have this problem mycelos coins are locked

Could you resolve it ?

I use Omni wallet

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Hello, I work with Valora and can help support the Valora app. For Omni wallet, I encourage you to reach out to their support team for assistance.

I’m not using Omni wallet.

I am using Celo wallet. I just want to unlock my celo

I have the same issue. My celo is on pending condition stil, for more than 2 weeks. I dont know why they re not unlocked yet.

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Did anyone know how to unloock Celo in the Valora app? I just want to access my account.

Thank you very much!!! ………

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Thank you,

It looks like I’m not the only one who is having this problem.

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@bm2centeno @yian I have the same issue and figured out we would need to do one more step: withdraw that unlocked coin back to your wallet. Hope that will help you.

Hi @bm2centeno - we’re happy to help. Please open Valora’s menu and tap Help > Contact to reach our support team. Thank you!