The Celo Stake Off: Time to Hotfix the Attestation and Election Recipes

The Attestation Service and Election recipes are due for an upgrade. This involves fixing how attestations are handled during key rotation and addressing the election bug that prevents fully revoking votes. Hotfixes are used when exploitable security vulnerabilities are reported, one of your roles as a Celo validator is to execute a fix to secure the network. Here we will be using the hotfix process, normally reserved for those cases. More information about hotfixes can be found in the Celo docs.

Here’s what you need to do:

The hotfix hash is:


Whitelist the hotfix from your validator or validator signer address:

$ celocli governance:whitelisthotfix --hash <HOTFIX_HASH> --from </ADDRESS>

Wait for a quorum of ⅔ of elected validators to whitelist the hotfix. You can view the validators that have whitelisted the hotfix, as well as whether it is approved and passing with:

$ celocli governance:viewhotfix --hash <HOTFIX_HASH>

Once a quorum of validators whitelists the hotfix, cLabs will execute the proposal.

The objective is to complete this entire process in less than 24 hours.

Happy hotfixing!

The Great Celo Stake Off Team