S12 Planning: Marcomm Circle

Hi from the Celo marcomm circle.

Our framework for approaching the work of season planning is to create a strategy for MarComm that is sharply prioritized, giving the team clear goal posts, while leaving room for i) adaptation to market conditions and ii) opportunism.

After a successful brand relaunch in Season 11 which generated millions of impressions via a synchronous social media campaign, partnerships with Brave browser and the launch of the Celo Block Party, we’re shifting focus in 2 ways.

  1. Focusing on driving top of funnel awareness of Celo as a thriving, credible and real world results-oriented blockchain ecosystem

  2. Primarily focusing on net-new entrants to the Celo community, particularly with potential Enterprise partners

Our overall goal is to make Celo a top-5 brand amongst blockchains by investing in new audience growth and ensuring that the funnels are well nurtured.

Goals for the Season 12

*** OMTM! Leads!** Formalizing our new audience funnel capture system, and prioritizing number of qualified leads into our ecosystem.

  • Raising Celo awareness through a dedicated T1 media strategy.
  • Events events events - create an ‘always on’ calendar of events for the year, prioritizing grassroots, community events (more to come here, soon!) and those that will generate Enterprise leads.
  • Earth Day campaign as the major communication inflection point for the upcoming quarter -more to come here, soon!

We love feedback, don’t be shy!