S11 Planning: Developer Relations

Hi all, Eric from the Dev Rel team here.

The Developer Relations (DevRel) team at Celo Foundation is focused on Attracting, Growing, and Retaining values-aligned developers. Our ultimate goal is to support all developers building on Celo.

The DevRel team at Celo comprises frontend web2/web3 dapp developers, mobile developers, solidity developers, technical writers, and security researchers.

The four core pillars that DevRel is organized around supporting are:

Outreach - Attracting new developers to the ecosystem

Technical Community - Providing Support to developers and community members

Ecosystem & Platform Advocacy - Advocating on behalf of the developers in the ecosystem and across the Celo platform

Technical Education & Content - Producing inspirational and informational developer focused technical content


  • Producing two flagship Hackathons each year
  • Drive diversified selection of Hackathon sponsorships
  • Supporting web3 industry, and significant technical events like Schelling Point
  • Speaking at web3 events


  • Engaging with Celo core engineers to facilitate community feedback and advocate for developer tooling.
  • Improving the Developer Experience & Tooling Through code example Unification.
  • Supporting Web2 Developers that are migrating to Web3.
  • Introduce the Technical Ambassador Program across the globe
  • Hosting Weekly Drop-In Office Hours
  • Managing a new Security Bug Bounty Program
  • Coordinating timely security audits
  • Inteoduce “Stack Shift” - a streamlined path for web2 developers to web3 starting in Africa region with intention to expand.


  • Continued advocacy for developers building on Celo
  • Reviewing Technical Infrastructure Grants
  • Supporting services like Hubspot for receiving feedback and supporting teams developing on Celo.
  • Improving and Advocating for new Services + Tooling for Developers


  • Developer Documentation (docs.celo.org)
  • Developing Celo Academy (coming in 2023)
  • Coordinating dev docs Localization
  • Producing inspiring and influential Technical Posts/Tutorials.
  • Providing Security training for the Celo community
  • Expanding Celo Tech Guild - dapp developer consulting for live ecosystem projects
  • Running Foundation Validator Voting Program - Supporting Validators and improving Diversity in validators oknthe network.
  • Launching Celo Sage - Technical Content produced by the Celo Community through bounties |

For the Q4 2022, the DevRel team is focused on nurturing and growing our active developer community (adding 100 new active developers to the ecosystem), onboarding more web2 developers to web3 (100 new developers via Stack Shift, and Academy), increasing Twitter engagement on @CeloDevs, unifying developer documentation examples, localizing developer documentation (Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian, and including Greek community contributions), adding an additional 10-15 new technical tutorials, improving the developer docs website experience by introducing a new Tutorial showcase, increasing the time spent on developer docs, and helping people get to the material they need more quickly.

If you have any feedback, would like to report a bug or issue or need development help, or if you have an idea for a tutorial, please reach out to the DevRel team and me here, on Twitter @celodevs, on Discord, or by email [email protected].

Shoutout to the Dev Rel Circle! Thanks Brandy, Viral, Harpal, Ernest, Joe, Dave, Nestor, and Ryon for contributing to Season 11 planning.