S12 Planning: Devrel, Community, Security

Hi Celo, Eric here with an update on Season 12.

Putting the thanks at the top: Thank you to the Dev Rel, Community, and Security team (Anna, Brandy, Daniel, Dave, Ernest, Harpal, Joe, Nestor, Ryon, Viral, Lyle!) for pulling together these updates and your contributions!

S11-S12 Team Updates: The Community team has joined Developer Relations circle. We are excited to welcome Daniel and Anna. Welcome!

In Season 12, we continue our investments in developer education, hackathons, and docs and tooling. We’re working to simplify our processes and improve how we support tech events. All in all we want to reduce the barrier to building on Celo and help folks who have launched to grow their numbers of active users.

Below are a list of our primary initiatives, who’s working on them, and what we aim to achieve this Season.

Developer Tooling

Celo Composer (Harpal, Nestor, Viral)

  • We plan to add support for Celo SDKs like ContractKit and Identity as an option for developers who want to utilize them.
  • We are adding more examples dApps
  • We are creating more tutorials
  • We’re adding wagmi js support
  • We’re adding support for code formatting, linting, and testing
  • We’ll add a tutorial for adding CI/CD and deployment process for all supported frameworks

SocialConnect (Harpal, Nestor)

  • Currently in Beta, SocialConnect is an open source protocol that maps off-chain personal identifiers (such as phone numbers, twitter handles, etc.) to on-chain account addresses.
  • Here’s a video presenting how it looks in action.
  • Check out the examples developed by the DevRel team
  • Currently, we have support for the following identifiers
    • Phone Number
    • Twitter
    • Discord
    • Facebook
    • Open to feedback
    • Feel free to open request to add support for more.
  • Partners like Kaala and Libera wallet are already using SocialConnect, if are you interested in adding support feel free to reach us at devrel@celo.org

Celo Sage (Joe + Viral)

Season 11: Milestone Update

The Celo Sage program has published 100+ tutorials and onboarded 80+ members. It’s running smoothly as we continue to automate and extend opportunities to the community to allow the community to drive more aspects of the program. There are 35+ tutorials set to publish soon, with 100+ more in the queue.

Season 12: A Focus on Growth

  • Telling our story: Empowering our community via spotlights, additional opportunities, and better showcasing their impact on Celo’s mission.
  • Growing our business: Expanding by exploring new capabilities (design, video, social media, etc) and acting as a service provider to the broader ecosystem.
  • Making an Impact: Improving measurement and reporting to assess its impact on developer count and traffic improvements.

Additional Experiments

  • AI + Sage: Utilizing AI-driven tools to improve the content creation process for a better developer experience.

  • Purpose-driven content: Building self-paced learning experiences, known as Pathways, to create our upcoming Celo Academy. The Academy will use innovations in badges and the newly developed Celo LMS (Learning Management System) to serve as the primary source of developer education at Celo.

Office Hours (Harpal)

Office hours are a great way to seek help and support as you’re developing your project. Office hours will now happen once every two-weeks. Subscribe to the Celo Community calendar and keep an eye on the Discord event tracker.

Video Content (Nestor)

We’re introducing a series of short-to-mid-length technical videos that explain how to integrate protocols. Topics will include: a SocialConnect explainer, interviews with developers in the ecosystem, and walkthroughs with the cLabs Engineering team. All videos shall be published to CeloOrg’s Youtube channel. Like and subscribe!

Community - Events, and Hackathons (Anna, Daniel)

The purpose of Community Experience working group is to grow an active & engaged developer community.

During season 12 we are focused on 3 key objectives: Programs, Community Infrastructure, and Experience. Our programs will focus on IRL meet ups through Celo Gather, Community Moderators Program, and Hackathons. We will track our success based on the following objectives.

Programs: Attracting, incubating and nurturing the most engaged community members

  • Grow the Celo Gather program to 50 Meetups and 1000 attendees
  • Support and evolve the Community Moderators Program
  • Create a hackathon strategy focusing on IRL hackathon experience at EthGlobal

Community Infrastructure: Develop and acquire key community primitives and infrastructure

  • Create a custom merch giveaway program to reward our most engaged contributors
  • Design a badges protocol on Celo

Experience: Create a cohesive and delightful community experience

  • Continuing to support the Celo Forum and grow the pageviews to 350k with 150 MAUs.
  • Leading Discord experience with 500 MUAs
  • Hosting Kuneco Calls to bring the community together for updates and key discussions

Security (Dave, Ryon)

The Community Security team supports Core Contributors and Ecosystem partners audit their smart contracts. The Community Security team completed open-source reviews of projects for threats, helping to incorporate best practices into the ecosystem through ongoing efforts with projects. Cohort 12 of the Foundation Voting Program is in progress. Efforts are underway to further decentralize the network by reducing the significance of the foundation’s delegations. CommSec is refining the security process for contributors to offer a completely asynchronous process to ease the lift of the security team while offering a direct set of tools for partners to access. Additionally, they have made significant progress on the bug-bounty program by utilizing community governance for funding and instating community members as part of the program’s security measures. This highlights the efforts made by the security team to ensure the security of the ecosystem and the platform by collaborating with different teams and partners, launching new programs and streamlining internal processes.

Technical Ambassadors (Ernest)

The Technical Ambassador Program is designed to support and empower developers, builders, and creators to drive innovation and adoption in the Celo ecosystem. The program aims to provide resources and support to individuals passionate about web3 technology and actively working on projects in the space.

The program is designed to be flexible to accommodate the diverse backgrounds and skill levels of participants. It will provide access to various resources, including training materials, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


In line with the team OKRs, the team sets out the roadmap for the Technical ambassador program for season 12. Read more

  • StackShift: The Technical ambassadors will serve as facilitators for the StackShift program.
  • Localization: The Technical ambassadors will continue championing the efforts on localizing our developer docs and tutorials.
  • Alumni Program: This is a brainchild of the Technical ambassadors aimed at providing post-hackathon/program support and ensuring that developers we attract to our ecosystem remain active.
  • Improved documentation
  • Community support and events


See you next month for our S12 Recap – Eric


Amazing updates Eric and the Celo Devrel Team. The social connect feature is really awesome and I would like to personally try a few things.

I am also planning to create a Celo Starter Kit for Unity

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I would suggest that Celo Sage have a separate Youtube channel because moving videos in the future might be complicated.