RWA x ReFi Report

Not sure if this ever got posted in the Forum.

The RWA x ReFi Report was made possible by a generous grant from the Climate Collective. It was pleasure working with @nirvaan & @cgwilson .

The full report is here (it is a live document and we update as changes are suggested. Feel free to add your ReFi RWA project).


The convergence of Real World Assets (RWA) and ReFi (Regenerative Finance) has the potential to solve many of the world’s biggest problems and change the world for the better by aligning incentives to create desired ecological and social outcomes.

At the core of these two emerging trends, RWA and ReFi, are cooperation, coordination, governance, ownership, transparency, interoperability, composability, scalability, speed, and longevity. But despite enormous possibilities, there have been and will be growing pains.

Here is a look at the Opportunities and Challenges of RWA for ReFi based on my active participation and observations across 50+ DeFi, DAO, TradFi, ReFi, and web3 projects over the last year. The reader will note that for every Opportunity there is a Challenge and vice versa but in these gaps lie the potential to create a new world.