The Promises and Pitfalls of Regenerative Finance

Hey folks,

We’ve (Curve Labs) been working on a brief article summarizing some of the key discourses around ReFi today. Cross-posting here for visibility.

I believe that as we develop the ReFi community on Celo we’re going to have to engage more and more with these types of debates.



Thanks for sharing @papa_raw. Beautiful - and much needed - post!

+1 to this:

There are diamonds in the rough, with sweeping topic areas such as scientific research , ecological restoration , public policy and community governance all benefitting from Web3.

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thank you for sharing! this is a crisp articulation of a lot of the things that I’ve been thinking about but haven’t found the language for.

We wrote a short article documenting our discoveries/work re: food forest tokenization / community economy work in Curacao:

Sharing it in this thread rather than making a new thread to not crowd the forum :sweat_smile: