Introducing the Climate Collective's New Grants Program

Hi all,

I’m pleased to share that the grants program supported by the Climate Collective Treasury is now open for applications! “Wave 0” grant recipients will be introducing their projects and assets in this forum over the coming days, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Celo community. Please refer to this article for more details. “Wave 0” Recipients include:

  1. Automated Incentives for Regenerative Stewardship (AIRS) program by Green World Organization: developing an oracle-based system to monitor and incentivize regenerative agriculture
  2. Plastiks: an NFT Marketplace that allows users to offset waste through tokenized plastic recycling guarantees
  3. Untangled Finance: a decentralized credit protocol offering loans for regenerative projects and real-world assets
  4. ReFi Spring: an in-person event series activating new ReFi communities across the globe
  5. Athena Protocol: an MRV protocol utilizing an Internet-of-Things (IoT) mesh network to measure wildfire and drought risk
  6. Atem: a structured API-driven marketplace for on-chain carbon, built on Collective members Toucan Protocol and FlowCarbon
  7. ReFi Podcast: a must-listen resource for anyone interested in ReFi
  8. Kernel: a learning community where we support the Regeneration Guild for upcoming blocks
  9. SimplexDNA: a “Proof-of-Life” protocol for monitoring biodiversity through eDNA barcoding and analysis of air and water samples
  10. Thallo: a tokenized carbon marketplace with native registry support and two-way bridge
  11. Senken: a user-friendly marketplace for tokenized carbon projects, built on Collective members Toucan Protocol and FlowCarbon
  12. Sequestr: a vertically-stacked platform with unique pricing mechanisms to help scale up a high quality supply of early-stage carbon projects
  13. MRV Collective: a metadata platform for digital MRV such as remote sensing, drones, Internet of Things, DNA monitoring, etc.
  14. Socialstack: a no-code social token platform offering the Climate Action Social Token Fund
  15. Closer: a suite of web3 tools to bootstrap regenerative action and meaningful governance in local communities

An article series about each grant partner is in the works.

“Wave 1” of applications, open until September 5th, will be closely reviewed by our entire multisig team. During the last week of September, we will update the community of the final grant recipients and our decision-making process.

We look forward to keeping the Celo community engaged with our progress through forum posts, medium articles, twitter spaces, and events!