Regenerative Finance (REFI) and Prosperity for all

Regenerative Finance (REFI) and Prosperity for all:


To create WEB 3.0 solution for climate crisis. Stabilizing the climate by reducing carbon emissions, Regenerate ecosystem and Regenerative economics for removing social inequality.

Major Crisis:

Climate Change and Biodiversity loss are the two major crises to be solve using Regenerative Finance. Immediate solution is in need for Green House gas emissions, Destruction of habitats and economic inequality among humans.

Notable changes in Refi space:

Low carbon Blockchains use Proof of Stake against the Proof of Work. Celo is the low carbon blockchain with proof of work.

Tokenization of carbon assets.

Transparency in climate change actions.

Removing Social Inequality by creating applications using web3.0.


The celo climate collective was formed to support Refi solutions using web3.0. Refi movement is in alignment with Celo Foundations mission – Prosperity for all.