Recruiting New CGP Editors!

Hi all! We’re excited to share that we’re looking for a few people to join the Celo Governance Proposal Editors group, which helps out with a lot of governance processes in the ecosystem. It’s a great way to get familiar with important changes in the ecosystem and how things work on a day-to-day basis.

The time commitment is generally 1-2 hours per week, and the duties below are generally split up among the CGP Editors—if you’re interested in a particular one, we can make sure to get you involved:

  • Review Celo Governance Proposal content on Github
  • Help organize governance calls
  • Write Governance section of Celo Signal recurring weekly newsletter
  • Keep Celo signal community calendar up to date
  • Generally help support the governance processes

It’s a great learning opportunity, and we will work with you to get you up to speed!


Hey @willkraft, Happy new year, I would be interested in participating.

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I’m also interested in helping with the Governance processes :slight_smile:

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Hey @willkraft,

I’m also potentially interested depending on if there would be a conflict of interest considering I have previously submitted governance proposals and will likely submit others in the future.


Awesome, it’s great to hear you guys are interested! @Wade @0xGoldo I just DM’d you both on Discord, and @Monish016 I DM’d you on the forum

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Hello @willkraft I would love to be part of this and learn more about the Celo Governance process.

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@juancamp1987 that’s great to hear, it’d be great to get you involved! I just DM’d you on Discord, and we can find some time to chat from there

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Hi @willkraft, if you are still looking for further support I’d like to contribute. Thanks! Maya

Hi @MayaRB, it’d be great to get you involved! I’ll ping you on discord, and it’d be great to chat

Great - have sent you a dm now!