Celo Governance Call #43 | March 22th, 2024

The next Governance Call #43 is scheduled for March 22th, 2024.

To add topics to the agenda, post a comment below or visit the Celo Governance Github Repo

Governance Call Information

  • Date: March 22th, 2024
  • Time: 8:30 am PT / 11:30 am ET / 3:30 pm UTC (60 minutes max)
  • Location: Register on Luma
  • Add to your Google Calendar: Celo Signal

Call Recording

Will be shared after the meeting in the table inside the Readme file of the Celo Governance Github Repo


Governance Editors

Proposals for Discussion

Crowdsourced on the forum and Github prior to the meeting.
:bangbang: (Max Proposals per Call: 3 Proposals)

Other Discussions and Q&A

Open discussion and questions


All are welcome to attend!

*CC: Governance Working Group (@CalicoKittencat @ericnakagawa @Wade @0xGoldo @MayaRB @willkraft)


Hi everyone- I would like to see if a representative from Outlier Ventures can present the proposal for Celo to join us as an official partner in the RWA base camp program we are about to kick off


I’d like some time for proposals for adding new gas tokens for the network.


I’d like some time for a proposal related to the validator rewards.


:exclamation:FYI I have added

To the agenda in the GitHub Issue following the request of @Johnlikes @martinvol & @Johnlikes :saluting_face:

:bangbang:Agenda now is closed


I would like to also add to the agenda these drafts CGPs:

  1. GCP 127 [DRAFT - do not merge] by pahor167 · Pull Request #412 · celo-org/governance · GitHub
  2. CGP-127 by pahor167 · Pull Request #411 · celo-org/governance · GitHub

Hello @martinvol :wave:

As you can see in the coment before the Agenda for this Call is Closed, every Governance Call is allowed only to have 3 proposals for discussion :bangbang:

I will recommend you to move forward and ask for schedule this proposals for the Next Governance Call (Affotunately we are gonna hold a new Gov Call next Week) :grinning:

Thank you :raised_hands: and I hope to see this proposal scheduled for the next call.