[DRAFT] Making USDT a gas fee currency on Celo

You might have recently come across the news that Tether is gearing up to introduce USDT directly on Celo.

Here at cLabs, we’re thrilled to welcome Tether into the Celo ecosystem :slight_smile:

This post is to kick off the governance process for adding USDT as a gas currency. We recently published a forum post for Celo Core Contracts Release 11. This update brings significant improvements to how we handle fee currencies, plus a range of other enhancements. For a full rundown, check out the linked details above.

Now that governance endorses Release 11, we will be proposing USDT as gas fee currency in a follow up proposal, with the debut of USDT on mainnet. If this proposal gets the green light, it’ll officially recognize USDT as a native gas currency on Celo. Keep your eyes peeled for this development! It’s set to greatly enhance the usability of USDT on Celo by allowing users to receive USDT in their wallet and engage in transactions without holding additional tokens.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re on standby to assist wallets and developers keen on incorporating general fee currency support, and specifically USDT support, into their applications. Don’t hesitate to reach out.