CPG Steward Thread: Juan

After participating in several voting programs and be involved for more than two years in the Celo Governance, and in an attempt to improve Celo Governance efficiency and transparency, I’m creating a personal Delegate Thread.

Following @LuukDAO example I will update this Thread with a breakdown of each of my Celo Governance votes.

Reasons for wanting to be a Celo delegate

As a founder, community builder, and governance contributor, my mission is to propel the growth of the Celo ecosystem and ensure a seamless migration to L2, thereby contributing significantly to the broader Ethereum Ecosystem.

On a personal level, I am deeply committed to amplifying the voices of the underrepresented, tirelessly pursuing financial inclusion for all, and advocating for local currencies as a potent tool for onboarding new participants. I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of Regenerative Finance (ReFi) for sustainable ecosystem growth, alongside a commitment to the protection and conservation of our planet. Together, let’s shape a more inclusive and sustainable digital future.

Past Contributions to Celo

I have made substantial contributions to the Celo community, including translating all Celo Documentation into Spanish through Crowdin and serving as a Moderator in the Celo Discord for almost two years. As a CGP Editor (Past version of Celo Guardians) for over a year, I’ve actively participated in discussions and decision-making processes. I’ve hosted some Celo Meetups in Medellin & Colombia helping the Celo Adoption.

I played a pivotal role in submitting the LatamDAO proposal on GitHub and OnChain and various other proposals, showcasing my proficiency with the CeloCLI and dedication to ensuring proposals are submitted and voted upon. Notable proposals include:

Beyond that, I founded GDG on top of Celo, founded and led ReFiMedellin, and contribute actively to ReFi Colombia and ReFiLatam, encouraging widespread engagement in the ReFi Ecosystem. I have also supported the expansion of ImpactMarket onboarding and supporting some communities through the donation platform.

My Web3 interests

Onboarding, Education, Governance, ReFi, DAOs, DeFi, NFTs, Land Conservation, Validation, etc…

Languages I speak/write

Spanish (Native) / English

My skills and areas of expertise

Governance / Ecosystem Development / Treasury Management / Strategic Management / Project Management / Grants / RetroPGF

Other web3 projects I’m involved in

I am also part of the core team of ETHMedellin and ETHColombia both communities focused in develop Ethereum ecosystem in the country and the city respectively. I have actively supported ImmortalX from more than 3 years now, I have also actively supported ETHGlobal Hackathons and EF events around the world as a Volunteer Lead for some events.


I would like to express my full support for Juan Giraldo’s proposal to be a delegate in the CELO network. As a founder, community builder, and governance contributor, his mission to drive the growth of the Celo ecosystem is impressive. I firmly believe that his experience and dedication will contribute significantly to the overall growth of the ecosystem and blockchain technology in general!


My full support for Juan too. You are the best, bro! :heart:

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We are agree with this proposal / postulation. He is also part of platohedro’s friend.

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CGP-162 Prezenti H1 2024 | Celo Grants | CPG Funding Request - Grants & RPFs

  • Vote: Yes
  • Rationale: I am a truly believer of the good work Prezenti does.

CGP-163 MU05 - Add native USDC pools to Mento v2

  • Vote: Yes
  • Rationale: I am agree with the inclusion of native USDC on Mento.

CGP-164 Mento Reserve: Add Tether Collateral and Migrate 20m Curve Pool

  • Vote: Yes
  • Rationale: I think diversification is good for Mento Backup Collateral of Stablecoins.

CGP-165 Celo Thailand DAO H1 2024

  • Vote: Yes
  • Rationale: I think Thailand is a good opportunity for Celo in coordination with all the efforts directed to Devcon in November, is good to have people on the ground and I personally knows the good work always @Vow have been done since almost two (2) years ago.

CGP-166 Celo India H1 2024| Regional DAO

  • Vote: Yes
  • Rationale: India is one of the biggest areas where you can find good developers, lot of the celo community members and contributors are from India, and @Chitty is doing a really good job there.

CGP-167 Celo Africa H1 2024


CGP-168 Enable USDC as Gas Currency

  • Vote: Yes
  • Rationale: Having more stables to pay gasfees is a good feature to have. USDC is widely recognized and supported.

CGP-169 Enable USDT as Gas Currency

  • Vote: Yes
  • Rationale: Having more stables to pay gasfees is a good feature to have. USDT is widely recognized and supported.