Steward Thread: LuukDAO

After participating in several Delegate Programs, including SafeDAO, and in an attempt to improve Celo Governance efficiency and transparency, I’m creating a personal Steward Thread.

I will update this Thread with a breakdown of each of my Celo Governance votes. I hope others will follow my example and create a comparable delegate / governance thead.

Name: LuukDAO (Luuk Weber)
Address or ENS: luukdao.eth / 0x31cd90C2788f3e390d2Bb72871f5aD3F1a4B22a1
Socials Links: Twitter | Snapshot | Celo Forum

Reasons for wanting to be a Celo delegate
I’m committed entirely to enabling Regeneration at scale and wholeheartedly believe Celo’s vision to build a digital economy that creates conditions for all is a foundation required to realize my mission. As a Celo Builder, I want to support Celo’s development and good governance, and believe my experience as a Web3 delegate and founder can help progress Celo.

Past Contributions to Celo
I founded Kolektivo on top of Celo, was part of the launching cohort of the Climate Collective, led S0 of Celo EU and still provide support to grow Celo in Europe, spearheaded the Celo Public Goods and Governance Improvement proposal, and currently lead the Celo Public Goods Stewards.

My web3 interests: ReFi, DAOs, DeFi, SBTs, Privacy

Languages I speak/write: English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentu

My skills and areas of expertise: Ecosystem Development, Treasury Management, Strategic Management, Event Curation, Optimism

Other web3 projects I’m involved in
I’m the founder of Kolektivo Labs, a web 3.0 venture builder with about ~10 contributors. We have incubated multiple projects, including PrimeDAO, a DAO 2 DAO coordination hub, and partnered with dozens of DAOs, including Balancer, dHedge, DeepDAO, and MakerDAO while building out our main venture: Kolektivo, a network creating local regenerative economies.


CGP158 Minting 10m cUSD from Mento Reserve in six tranches

Vote: Yes
Rationale: I believe the suggested settlement method that utilizes the 30-day average for the coming five months will positively affect the CELO holdings of the Celo Community Treasury, given the recent rally in interest and price.

CGP159 Celo Core Contracts Release 11

Vote: Yes
Rationale: The Upgrade seems to follow the release process, and the proposed changes are documented correctly.

CGP160 Celo Camp 2024-Grant The MiniPay Launchpad and Startup Pathway Program | CeloPG-Celo Project Incubation

Vote: Yes
Rationale: I see clear value in running another Celo Camp Cycle, especially as it supports the development and growth of Minipay.

CGP161 Celo Europe H1 2024 | Regional DAO | CeloPG: Regional DAO
Vote: Abstain
Rationale: Given I’m personally involved in Celo Europe, I have abstained from voting on this proposal.


CGP162 'Prezenti H1 2024 | Celo Grants | CPG Funding Request - Grants & RPFs
Vote: Yes
Rationale: I believe the proposed Prezenti scope aligns well with the other CeloPG programs and will be able to support new and existing builders on Celo.

CGP163 MU05 - Add native USDC pools to Mento v2
Vote: Yes
Rationale: Adding native USDC pools in Mento V2 increases the utility of native USDC in Celo, which I consider positive for the network.

CGP164 'Mento Reserve: Add Tether Collateral and Migrate 20m Curve Pool
Vote: Yes
Rationale: Adding Tether stablecoins to the Mento Reserve seems like a good move, considering the resilience and adoption of Tether stablecoins. Replacing the USDCet with USDC(native) contributes to the utility of native USDC on Celo, which I consider positive for the network.

CGP165 Celo Thailand DAO H1 2024
Vote: Yes
Rationale: Celo Thailand has showcased the ability to shift gears and focus on the Road to DevCon. I believe this is the right group to expand Celo to Thailand and build up traction in the coming months.

CGP 166 Celo India H1 2024| Regional DAO
Vote: Abstain
Rationale: Despite the team having previous alignment with Celo, the inactivity of Celo India and the current program scope (a lot of moving parts) don’t convince me enough. I think India is an important market and that the team has the potential to grow Celo regionally. Still, I would prefer to see a smaller program, potentially funded by Prezenti, before committing to a larger one. Abstaining for now.

CGP167 Celo Africa H1 2024
Vote: Yes
Rationale: It is clear that Celo Africa has, and will, create value for the Celo Ecosystem. Despite having personal reservations about the size of the asks (multiple line items are expensive, and the budget size remained the same in the last iteration despite reducing the scope by one month), I have voted Yes because of the potential value generated. I hope Celo Africa will operate lean and return any unspent resources to the Celo Community Treasury at the end of July.


CGP168 Enable USDC as Gas Currency
Vote: Yes
Rationale: Adding native USDC as a Gas Currency will greatly improve the UX and value generated by USDC-powered applications. Clear yes for me.

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