Inviting Community to Discuss Governance Process Improvements (CGPs, Approvers, and more)

Hi all, the CF, cLabs, and CGP Editor group had an impromptu discussion today. We’re eager to find better ways to increase community engagement, smooth out existing processes, and provide a roadmap to the community.

We will be holding a follow up call 9/13/2022 time 2p PST. All community members interested in jumping in and contributing to helping out are invited. Please email me to be added to the call ([email protected])

Here are the topics discussed and action items:

Topics for the next discussion:

  • Better message amplification for upcoming CGPs needing approval and to drive more votes.
  • Adding more approvers to multisig. Folks must be able to review smart contract changes. Tag yourself below if you have a web3 dev background and are interested.
  • Explore incentive model for GCP editors and PR reviewers
  • Publish the Governance Call process: (rough outline) add to Community Events/Celo Signal calendars, share on @celoorg and @celodevs twitter, share in relevant Telegram groups, also drive attendees to learn more about becoming a CGP editor at beginning of governance calls.
  • Bring back Celo Signal (curated weekly email to community covering - validator community updates, upcoming CGPs, and other core code changes).
  • Add Celo Signal and Community Calendars to footer on Dev Docs site for more visibility. [done!]
  • Exploring new tooling to support the work: or other tooling to help manage proposals, drive discussion, and increase community involvement.
  • Listing the CGP Editor role responsibilities to “facilitate the governance process”
    • Support the people championing proposals
    • Approving “governance” repo PRs, ensuring proposals conform to template
    • Taking notes on CGP calls
    • Answering questions from community
    • Sharing on Celo Governance Twitter
    • Organizing Governance office hours to learn how to sponsor proposals or ask questions
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