Nomis, credit score protocol & DeFi lending aggregator [CC6 2022]

Short description

Nomis is a Credit Karma for DeFi or a lending aggregator that smartly connects borrowers with DeFi protocols offering custom loan terms based on borrowers’ on-chain credit scores.


Alex, CEO

  • MSс in Mathematics and Economics
  • 5-year C-level experience
  • 15-year experience in neural networks R&D
  • CEO GoRecruit, an employee scoring SaaS for HR

Fedor, CTO

  • Ph.D. in CS
  • Solidity & Rust developer
  • 8 patents holder (NN, AI, ML)
  • Developed L1 blockchains

Arty, CPO

  • MSc in International Business Development
  • 4-year experience in crypto PM/UI/UX
  • Ex. CEO KickCity, a web3 event dApp on Ethereum
  • TON Hackathon Awardee

Nick, Lead Developer

  • MSc in CS
  • .NET developer
  • Active open-source contributor
  • 5 times blockchain hackathons awardee

Vitalii, BD & IR

  • MSc in Management
  • 2-year experience in B2B & B2C Marketing at early-stage startups
  • 2-year experience in Enterprise Sales
  • ex-P&G

Long Description

Nomis is designed to make DeFi lending terms even more attractive than TradFi ones for mainstream borrowers and underserved populations. We believe that there is no mass adoption until the problem is solved.

User features

  1. Nomis pieces user DeFi identity together from different chains by collecting and processing on-chain data from L1s and L2s.
  2. Nomis makes DeFi borrowing as easy and fast as TradFi by providing users with a friendly web2-like interface and experience.
  3. Nomis helps to leverage user on-chain reputation and find the most relevant lending offers based on web3 footprint.

How it works

  1. Nomis provides borrowers with credit scores based on their multi-chain activities, thanks to the best-in-class credit score algorithm behind it.
  2. Nomis enables and incentivizes DeFi lending protocols to hire credit score data to offer custom terms for borrowers. The protocols, in their turn, get an opportunity to optimize their business and risk models and get more clients.
  3. Nomis, as an aggregator, smartly connects borrowers with the most relevant offers from DeFi lenders.


Nomis hires the DeFi lending aggregator model to bring mass adoption closer and respectfully treat the web3 principles. In contrast, a vertically-integrated model (e.g., RociFi) eliminates competition and oppresses borrowers, and a credit score provider model (e.g., Bird Money) doesn’t solve the borrowers’ identity and UX problems.

What we built during Celo Camp

  1. Off-chain credit score + UI for Celo wallets based on transaction and wallet data and the Nomis mathematical model behind that.
  2. API, documentation + UI for Celo developers. Every lending/borrowing platform can create highly customized loan terms for end-borrowers by using wallet credit scores via Nomis API.
  3. Decentralized Score Token, a non-transferable dynamic NFT that contains the wallet’s current credit score.

Next Steps

  1. We will continue developing Nomis on top of Celo to help underserved populations get alternative access to capital.
  2. We aspire to incentivize lending protocols built on top of Celo to hire the Nomis credit score data and provide borrowers with more attractive lending terms.
  3. We’re preparing a fundraising campaign to leverage our strong technical capability and build best-in-class credit score and lending aggregator solutions.

Asks (optional)

It’d be brilliant to get relevant referrals (VC, Angel investors, Accelerators) from the community :slight_smile:

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What’s the best way to contact you and your project?

Follow Nomis in Twitter: @nomis_protocol
Feel free to DM me in telegram: @vitalii_agapov