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Credit Collective

My name is Tomer Bariach, a GP at Flori Ventures. I am excited to introduce a new initiative called the Credit Collective, which we (the Flori team) started with my good friend Reuven.

Real-world credit is one of the most significant use cases for blockchain adoption and has the potential to impact people’s lives significantly. The Credit Collective is a group of builders and investors dedicated to advancing blockchain-based real-world credit solutions. Our website can be found at

The credit crunch the world is experiencing today won’t be solved by a single company with a few investors. Therefore we aim to create a community of all participants in the supply chain of credit, including on and off-ramps, identity, new credit score methodologies, credit protocols, VCs, LPs, and more.

Over the next year, we plan to initiate several initiatives and invite you to join us and share your thoughts, challenges, and advice to others.

Thought leadership group/think tank

We have established a thought leadership group with investors and builders from the credit space. If you are interested in building a company or investing in the space, please reach out to us on Telegram, and we will add you.

The group is by approval only; message me so i know who you are @tomerba

Monthly learning space

We also host public learning calls on a monthly basis, where different leaders (founders and entrepreneurs?) discuss the problems and various ways to find solutions specific to credit in the blockchain space. Follow us on Twitter at

Want to talk in one of our spaces? Write to us!

Liquidity accelerator

The objective of the accelerator is to provide advice and liquidity for impact-driven products so they can develop and build a good track record to raise credit from external sources.

The type of liquidity we are looking to accelerate is real-world lending (not over collateralize and not for token liquidity)

The incentive here is double-sided.

  • Helping start-ups with initial liquidity for their Debt pool
  • Creating Demand on celo for cUSD (Interest bearing pools are opened → more emend for cUSD → more pools are open → more demand)
  1. Money will be staked for 6-12 months, depending on the product

  2. Staking will be on the Celo Blockchain.

The liquidity accelerator is what we are looking mainly to expand soon, and will write an additional blog post about it


In our website you can also find a database of companies and investors involved in credit solutions on our website. Please add yourself to this database to gain exposure and meet the market.


So far, all of the above is done from our budget and is only the beginning. Each initiative can grow and give significant value to our members and the Celo community.

We are working on a DebtDAO, organizing real-life events, connecting startups to investors, doing a Credit report, and more. We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Credit where credit’s due. We were inspired by the incredible work the Climate Collective was doing and started the Credit Collective.


This is a wonderful initiative. Congrats Tomer and Flori team!


I’m obviously biased here, but super impressed with what @Tomer-Ba and Reuven have gotten off the ground in creating a community around web3 credit. The credit space is exploding in emerging markets where web3 has the power to make it more affordable and accessible to those who need it most. There is so much room for building and collaboration around liquidity, credit scoring, credit models and delivery and great to see this group working together!


You know what I think, blockchain has only two real use cases:)

  1. DAOs
  2. Monetary policy aka printing money aka credit

We know that GoodDollar users in emerging markets have a lot of demand for credit, finding ways to easily provide under collateralized credit will be a game changer.

My dream is using G$ monetary policy to bring near 0% credit, what we need are “trustless” platforms that will know how to distribute that credit.

Also if you are in the credit business and want to bring your offering to G$ 0.5M users ping us.

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Long live the Credit Collective and all amazing tools to bring purpose to a regenerative economy! Congrats Tomer and Collective!!

I love this. From the Climate Collective and Allegory vantage point: over the last 6 months, paradoxically, venture capital has remained relatively accessible at the earlier stages. But later stage capital, and less dilutive forms of capital, have become more challenging to access. And by access, I mean successfully source, structure, pitch and close non venture capital financing. This is particularly important for climate tech companies building hardware or web3 infra.

Tools - and a community - that can companies navigate this market and alternative capital sources are desperately needed. So glad you’re setting this up!


Crypto-based credit is the real financial inclusion crypto use case. We are with you @Tomer-Ba !

Will be excellent to have a unified community based on real-credit use cases and debt providers, (aka a loan to pay school fees vs. existing savings and loans protocols), communities in need, and enable them to work in shorter cycles. At GoodDollar we have 100,000s of people in needs of credit.

Credit where credit is due!

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Tomer, congratulations on launching the Credit Collective! It’s inspiring to see such an initiative that aims to advance blockchain-based real-world credit solutions. The approach to involve all participants in the credit supply chain is quite strategic. Looking forward to seeing the impact of your thought leadership group, monthly learning space, and liquidity accelerator. Best wishes on this journey towards a more inclusive and innovative credit ecosystem! :tada::rocket:

Thank you @Tomer-Ba, Reuven, and the Celo team for creating this initiative! With Credit Collective we can bring our superpowers together, making us stronger and more able to reach millions with our credit solutions. Kudos!

Looking forward to supporting Credit Collective initiatives through Verda and its partners, which has already supported several RWA projects with equity and debt capital like impactMarket.

So happy y’all have started this, and look forward to following the community!

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So excited to see this and thrilled to be a member of the Collective. Thank you for starting it @Tomer-Ba! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Just want to echo the comments above. Blockchain is not revolutionary in and of itself – it is revolutionary because of its potential to reimagine and redesign systems that we have come to accept as status quo. A great example of that is how blockchain can be used to upend today’s financial system where billions of people are still underserved and unable to access affordable financing to grow their businesses, build wealth and prosperity for themselves and their families. That’s what we’re here to do!

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so much potential here - looking forward to seeing what evolves!

Always love seeing your perspective @Tomer-Ba. This is an amazing initiative

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Hi friends from Credit Collective. Good morning!

We from Lovecrypto have a demand for credit and I would like to know if Credit Collective can help us.

We are completing the Cash Out flow in the Connect the World in Brazil. Here is a video: Test LoveRamp Cash Out - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp

It takes less than 10 minutes to receive the bank transfer and we estimate that in 3 months we will receive the $25k incentive from the Connect the World initiative. We will also generate 3% of the value transacted in revenue, both in the cash in and cash out.

However, we need to increase our liquidity pool in BRL (Brazilian Reais) to be able to serve the volume. So, we want to take a $20,000 cUSD loan to be paid in 6 months, with a 5% per year interest.

Is the Credit Collective willing to provide this loan?
My personal Cred Protocol score is 996. We can do KYC and KYB.

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For our upcoming proposal - here is my wallet address

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Likewise for the upcoming proposal this is my wallet address: 0x116941a12ab69Bc4aD6A3fEb5964E218c4F5Ee64

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Hello everyone, here is my wallet address our upcoming proposal:

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Hi @Tomer-Ba Your multisig wallet address in the proposal here Celo Governance by Staking Fund is different. Please confirm.

you are right, my mistake, both are my addresses, the one written here is the same address that has actual voting power in the multisig, which you can check, and is the important one.

Thanks for letting me know