Clixpesa: [Startup Pathway Wildcard Winner 2022]

Short description

Clixpesa is an effort to build a borderless, customer-centric, all in one platform to serve as a trusted companion to manage money while giving back control to our users. We have started with bringing the utility of ROSCAs commonly known as Chamas in Kenya to Web3. Here users in our community and easily manage their chamas on our platform while growing their credit scores.


Derrick Kachisa - Product
Samuel Moyi - Engineering

Long Description

We have found out that the “take it or leave it” approach to financial products and pricing has locked out many from enjoying the benefits of current financial trends. Many in the informal sector underutilize financial products due to high learning curves, costs and the commitment involved. While making payments in Kenya is easy, participating in mediums that expose users to cheap lines of credit and saving pools still has high friction.

We think making and receiving payments is not enough to build financial resilience and inclusion. Designing services that improve on payments to make them safe, cheap, and fast while enabling alternative lines of credit, debt management and connecting individuals into saving pools will highly improve involvement.

Technical Implementation

  • We are using Celo so we can be able to reach individuals on mobile to save and invest through stable tokens.
  • Being able to link mobile phone numbers to a public key is a huge factor especially as we try to build our products through a familiar form and channel.

Next Steps

  • Polishing up our products and running a pilot.
  • We are gearing up for pre-seed in Q1 of 2023 please join us and help us simplify crypto for the masses.


  • We are building our team. We are looking for finance experts (preferably in the lending and micro-insurance) and advisors in the DeFi space to join our team.
  • We are also open to partnerships.
  • Try out our demo here and send us feedback
    ps: to run the app, you will need an expo go app installed. scan the qr code with your phone’s camera or with expo go. Enjoy!

Slide Deck

Check out our pitch: Clixpesa Pitch


Derrick Kachisa
Email: kachdekan[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: @kachdekan
Follow us on twitter: @clixpesa


Amazing Derrick! Great demo yesterday.

Would love to learn more – very passionate about financial inclusion for populations that do not have access today. Would love to learn more about your approach to lending (primitives, risk assessment, etc).

Thank you so much for the interest.

So far we are designing the product around the needs of our user base. With our target market usually seeking short-term loans to cover operating expenses and for inventory, existing solutions are expensive.
While we are still looking for the best way to guage the users risk levels, we intended to have a form of credit score based on the users involvement in their roscas, the roscas they are in and also their transactions over a given period. This my also involve tapping into their financial status in external platforms (debatable). This credit score will be important in setting limits of amounts they can be able to borrow over time - the limit can be increased over time as well.
Also given that most needs in our market are within the <$1000 limit, it is possible to have enough offers from peers.
We are trying to create a form of uncollaterised loan, and thus it’s only safe to start users with lower limits and let their reputation increase their access to more funds.
It is good to mention that we are in the lookout for someone with experience in the lending market here to help us design this better.

Please reachout to me via email so we can discuss this further, as we are open to more insights from the ecosystem.