Name & shaming malicious whale

0x1a906Ce9Ca4A103e0ED49973136410254F3cD17E is 14th largest whale address on network with 3m+ Celo tokens:

Funded 2nd deployer wallet:

2nd deployer wallet created & operates two actively running sandwich attack contracts:

My question to 0x1a906Ce9Ca4A103e0ED49973136410254F3cD17E is that you are multi-millionaire already, so WTF are you doing stealing money from ordinary retail users??? Are you that greedy that 3M+ Celo ($4 million USD value) is not enough???

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Online search seem to say this whale wallet is OKEX’s bridge wallet.
So the 2nd deployer wallet that got funded from the whale address is the one that is attacking.

Interesting. Looks like this account is active on other EVM chains too.

They deploy the same bot on many networks, we have to fight them and run them out of Celo.

We don’t want no sandwich bandits on Celo.

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Wondering whether there is anything we could do from a smart contract perspective to disincentivize such behavior…

I’m going to run them bandits out of town