Celo Community Fund And Proposal Allocations

The Celo Community Fund is the Governance contract with the address being here.

As of this writing, it contains 8.5 Million CELO and 2 Million cEUR.

We are creating this post to keep track of all the different proposals requesting funds from the Community Fund and their specific allocations, as well as how much they’ve spent so far.

Given this is a manual process, information may not be up-to-date and we invite the folks reading this post to verify the information on their own. In the future, we can see this turning into a useful dashboard that tracks all this information in real time.

The Proposals


Thanks @Yaz , good idea and hoping we can fill out the gaps in the above info.

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Hey guys following up here with the missing information as well as a quick analysis of how much has been spent and how much money is unallocated in the on-chain community fund.

Thanks to @bowd and Nelson for the technical help :slight_smile:

The governance proxy contract address is 0xD533Ca259b330c7A88f74E000a3FaEa2d63B7972. Here are the approved spender addresses with respective allowances:

  • Spender 0x5374cF78F82E3610f9678bD7AF617785FF6c578a
    • Initial allowance = 15,000
    • Current allowance = 14,300
  • Spender 0x7BDee323f5227F214EDFC3aE4BD4eBC032B59c82
    • Initial allowance = 200,000
    • Current allowance = 0
  • Spender 0x0D8b5f1CD567656b6Ad4c88e8F082F1f694e5Bb5
    • Initial allowance = 3,000,000
    • Current Allowance = 2,855,441
  • Spender 0x2f90Bb1CAF4079192481B1A7F3088220d291456D
    • Initial allowance = 665,387
    • Current allowance = 271268.3118
  • Initially Allocated = 15,000+200,000+3,000,000+665,387 = 3,880,387
  • Currently Allocated = 14,300 + 0 + 2,855,441 + 271,268.3118 = 3,141,009.3118
  • Already Spent = 739.377,6882
  • Unallocated funds as of now: ~9,788,309 - 3,141,009 = ~6,647,300

How to check in the future:

Would love for someone to create a more accessible and open dashboard around community funds analytics.


Thanks @Tobi ,

  1. Do we know what initiative each of these “spenders” are?

  2. What does “Initial allowance” and “Current allowance” mean?

  3. Can you clarify the “Already Spent” amount (confusing owing to decimals) and also indicate how that is calculated?

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Hey @Pinotio.com,

  1. Yeah, in the first post here by @Yaz you can map the addresses to their respective CGP.

  2. Initial Allowance is what the MultiSig has been approved to spend with their respective CGP. Current allowance is what’s left of that after they begin spending.
    current_allowance = initial_allowance - funds_already_spent.
    When calculating how much CELO is currently unallocated in the on-chain community fund, current allowance needs to be used.

  3. I always get confused between the European way 1.000,000 and the American 1,000.000 :sweat_smile:. Should be 739,377.6882 CELO and this is the outflow of the on-chain community fund, in other words what the MultiSigs have already spent.


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