Wallet emptied to unknown account

I have noticed that my CELO wallet has been emptied as of 9/25/23 and sent to the following address 0x40994C48e918F6886d713d40B6f917E5b5269e9D. There were 9 total transfers into this address that day and one transfer out that day to address 0x992b5035dB6B71E8a1aAd5227479845ECD358255.
I did not even login to my account anytime this month.
Is there any recourse?
Tom O’Connor

Sorry that happened to you. You can email cLabs security team - security at clabs.co - with details of which wallet, browser, OS, you use, etc. They have no control over the network or protocol but they can advise on steps you might be able to take, and it can help them cross-reference it with other reports.

Thank you Tim for your help

Hi Tom, I just checked and noticed that my wallet was emptied the same day to the same address. I found your Oct 3rd post by google searching that address. Was cLabs able to assist in anyway?

I have not received any response from Celo except someone on the forum wanting me to put in my seed phrase for a new wallet to recover my stolen tokens which of course I will not supply.

Hi @tullamoredew. I believe the cLabs security team responded to your email on October 3. Just double checking that you saw that.

That’s super frustrating to hear. Since this appears to be more than just a one off attack, it might be worth checking what are the similarities between your two setups. Which wallets were you using, which versions, and which OS?

Hello my metamask wallet was drained. I connect my metamask with optics v2. After my connect all of my marlin pond on arbitrum was gone. I want to reconnect metamask but that was not possible. For now i see my coins on the chain but i have no acces to them. My transaction id 0x195cfe63e88f2308613530beb4786f83503b775ef17214c8345b6be0633a67cb and the address for the coins atm 0xe7b2d82b4007ede7cafa4d0d0f58812362778402. Is there a way to fix this. Thanks in advance. Greet John