LatAm W3 DAO Proposal

Hi @davidcasey ! TY for your post.

Here this is the reply for some questions made by another Forum member that may be of interest + action plan for our next iteration, in case you have extra comments. I also suggested an open call to discuss such.

The ReFI positioning + real world use cases is the narrative for Brazil and LatAm. One of the first thought exercises I produced when I joined the Celo community, almost 1.5 years ago, was this:

I was reading the opportunities in the LatAm market, and how we were positioning at the time. The volume above was only considering Brazilian market opportunity with the upcoming cReal proposal.

I am happy to see the conversation in this Forum is also aiming in this direction, and that these make sense globally after a a bull and a bear market. Irrespective of some people supporting the current proposal or not, the discussions highlight a big need for

  • Growing awareness. Talking about whats done in LatAm and how is it done
  • Nurturing real world use cases
  • Supporting the community growth from the ground up
  • Responsible REFI

At the time, I lined up the partnerships, opportunities and plans to make the above happen. I got some traction but we certainly lacked the resources to make it happen. At the bull market my view is that it was hard to make (global) people focus on LatAm. Until today, I don’t think there is enough awareness about what LatAm is and what LatAm can do on Celo community.

Here is a SWOT analysis of what I believe depict some of the tensions and opportunities. I also highlight how relevant the threats are, and how we see some of this emerging on this forum conversation.

Celo vision is a great fit for LatAm. LatAm is more than ready for crypto. We need to bridge this gap (fast) bc we are constantly loosing great opportunities around.

An excerpt from the link above:

Latin America received BRL$2.9tn (US$560bn) of crypto between July 2021 to July 2022, a 40% year-over-year increase, making it the fastest growing region in the world for crypto adoption. These numbers come from the 2022 edition of Chainalysis’s Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, released last week.

Brazil itself represents the seventh largest market for crypto adoption worldwide, receiving just under US$150bn worth of cryptocurrencies over the period.

I look forward to collaborating with you.