LatAm W3 DAO Proposal

Hi @Frerehugi to help onboard more commerces we are trying to get alive this proposal about StableCoin pegged to Colombian Peso $cCOP because local commerces in Colombia :colombia: think in Local Currency.

Many thanks if you read this proposal and give your feedback.

Or if you prefer the post in English:

Thanks for the responses. I’m supportive of the initiatives in general and just want to make sure that the community can always answer: “Are these funds being utilized as we expected?”

I still think the venture builder / start-up lab idea should potentially be carved out as a separate entity. The concerns and goals of this idea are very different from the other items, which I broadly see as “local leadership / outreach / communications / ambassadorship”

Happy to discuss on a call as you mentioned, although as a small time CELO holder I don’t have a lot of final sway in any of this. But if I can help make the final proposal a little more structured, happy to help.


Yes, I agree. Thats should be #1 transparency goal. On the call, we aim at showing you the amendments we are making to the proposal due to the suggestions of improvement above and hear your perceptions about it.

If you can join, your inputs will be most valuable.


Excuse me, you have 1 MILLION points of service in LATAM where you can pay with cStables through Valora App? Is that true? That’s unbelievable! You need to make Videos! People paying with Valora in Shops, Cafes, Gas stations….anywhere! Videos, Videos, Videos!!! We need material to share so we can put pressure on Valora and cLabs to get a move AND (even more important) to encourage investors! CELO needs to go to 20$, then liquidity is no problem!

Love this response :clap:

Speaking to non technical users and creators bring in new potential for growth. Speaking to the crypto community only circulates and recycles those that already believe in the technology and different ecosystems. Engaging the masses is what brings growth and reaching local communities through art, nft, and cultural enriched impact lead to growth.


Check this and this . There is much more than this already built by the community. Thats why awareness (and budget) is so relevant. To clarify: Its NOT Valora making such integrations.


Hola @juancamp1987 !

Gracias por la consideración. No me importa escribir en español, ingles, rust o javascript, but as an international community I hope we choose a lingua-franca. 60 years ago was French, 60 years ahead might be Spanish, but now English will help most people to follow our conversations. As most of other Blockchain Forums, it is suggested to keep the original post language. Interchange languages in between posts will create a babylonic chaos. The suggestion is to create a second Post when having a second language.

Following your post, my only critics is with the naive,

en Colombia está ingresando plata al país cosa que es bueno para la economía del país

which resonates with the worst kind of south-american capitalism; How many times we didn’t hear gold-miners and ultra-extractive logger-companies argumentation in the same way? We don’t need more money-first mercenaries with a more sophisticate green-washing, while most believe they do good “for economy”, this new god.

More questions than answers, sorry. I am sure you know Eduardo Galeano, but I recommend you this work. There are much more important values than wealth per-se, and I am afraid web3 are gonna bring more concentration in a a few new techy-savvy hands than a proper and needy distributed enlightenment. All south-american neoliberal dictators brought the motto: “make the cake growth first, then distribute”, but the second never happened, and I see most people here willing a piece of the cake without true projects. That is why I question this hackatons (and I did many) pushing know-how without any true (political) know-whats and know-whys. Tech per-se is blind.

Of course I am been dystopic here to counter-balance the a-critical general “good vibes” feelings around the topic and the one million dollars in @MilaRioja hands that I truly feel should go to groups already working on projects that could be pushed from web2 databases into on-chain web3 infra.

Mila is promoting a big banquet, while many latam tech activists are missing food, unaware or critical with the ReFi brand. Those good guys won’t appear for this party.


Hi @davidcasey ! TY for your post.

Here this is the reply for some questions made by another Forum member that may be of interest + action plan for our next iteration, in case you have extra comments. I also suggested an open call to discuss such.

The ReFI positioning + real world use cases is the narrative for Brazil and LatAm. One of the first thought exercises I produced when I joined the Celo community, almost 1.5 years ago, was this:

I was reading the opportunities in the LatAm market, and how we were positioning at the time. The volume above was only considering Brazilian market opportunity with the upcoming cReal proposal.

I am happy to see the conversation in this Forum is also aiming in this direction, and that these make sense globally after a a bull and a bear market. Irrespective of some people supporting the current proposal or not, the discussions highlight a big need for

  • Growing awareness. Talking about whats done in LatAm and how is it done
  • Nurturing real world use cases
  • Supporting the community growth from the ground up
  • Responsible REFI

At the time, I lined up the partnerships, opportunities and plans to make the above happen. I got some traction but we certainly lacked the resources to make it happen. At the bull market my view is that it was hard to make (global) people focus on LatAm. Until today, I don’t think there is enough awareness about what LatAm is and what LatAm can do on Celo community.

Here is a SWOT analysis of what I believe depict some of the tensions and opportunities. I also highlight how relevant the threats are, and how we see some of this emerging on this forum conversation.

Celo vision is a great fit for LatAm. LatAm is more than ready for crypto. We need to bridge this gap (fast) bc we are constantly loosing great opportunities around.

An excerpt from the link above:

Latin America received BRL$2.9tn (US$560bn) of crypto between July 2021 to July 2022, a 40% year-over-year increase, making it the fastest growing region in the world for crypto adoption. These numbers come from the 2022 edition of Chainalysis’s Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, released last week.

Brazil itself represents the seventh largest market for crypto adoption worldwide, receiving just under US$150bn worth of cryptocurrencies over the period.

I look forward to collaborating with you.


I think it’s best to remove myself from this conversation.
Best wishes for you. :pray:
Always best wishes for Colombian :colombia: people and the whole world :earth_africa:


Amazing proposal for Celo ecossystem in Latam. Rio Crypto Hub and the other Hubs that are also borning this year are full commited to stick together and help this community to grow organically in Brazil. Count on us!

Vamo que vamo!


We are very much looking forward to collaborating with you


Hello everyone! Very exciting to see this initiative!
I run an accelerator in Colombia and live on the caribbean coast and excited to start
onboarding people on Celo there, lots of opportunity and lots to do!
Got experience in running events, building and running hackathons and have worked in Venture Builders as well (Web2 but gotta start somewhere :slight_smile:
Count on me for Colombia and the Caribbean!


Look forward to having resources to collab with you!


Hey @MilaRioja and team! Luuk from Kolektivo here! We’ve been incubating Web 3.0 communities in the Caribbean region for over 4 years.

We started in 2018 as the Caribbean Blockchain Network and have organized multiple events and programs in the Caribbean. Big fan of this proposal and eager to collaborate more with the Latam Region!

We hosted the Curacao Blockchain Week back in 2019 and more recently hosted the Kolektivo Festival, a ReFi + Innovation festival with over 700 attendees. We onboarded nearly 300 people to our Kolektivo Wallet (built on Celo) at the event! I’m now in touch with other Caribbean leaders to prepare for ETHCaribbean somewhere in May / June next year. If there is room to include the Caribbean in this budget, we can get a lot done!


Amazing!!! Excited about ETHCaribbean :heart: and onboarding more communities throughout Latam and Caribbean :raised_hands:t3:

Happy to see your post here, @LuukDAO ! Will very much enjoy working together, and agree that amazing opportunities are currently generated by community members in the Caribbean region. Do you want to hop on a call, maybe also with @yatanco and other DAO members? Joining forces will strengthen** this initiative and mutual goals.


I very much appreciate you wanting to engage. This moving forward lets find a way to collab.


Hi all! Updating the above in view of the feedback you all thoughtfully provided.

What did we do: Became sharper on deliverables / shifted events money to community collabs / lowered dramatically the social media $ allocation and focused on nurturing Ambassador initiatives!

Hi All! For those who don’t know me yet my name is Mila Rioja, I lead the LatAm ecosystem at Celo Foundation. In an effort to grow the ecosystem in a collaborative fashion, welcoming the community feedback and active participation on different initiatives, we would like to invite you to build this project with myself and other community members, initially by giving your feedback on the below and later by engaging in the proposed initiatives and activities.


Bring to life next gen of dApps on Celo, and contribute with the community in projects towards raising awareness about the Celo protocol and increase its adoption, grow the Celo community with initiatives in the most used languages in LatAm (Portuguese and Spanish!),

Celo has one of the most global communities in crypto. In order to further expand decentralization and the localization of the protocol in different regions and cultures, we must empower local communities to lead local growth. Decision power and initiatives must be shifted to folks on the ground who are the most equipped to collab and achieve a grassroots approach that will benefit the growth of Celo and its community.

Amount Requested

$500k worth of CELO

Areas of Focus

  1. Accelerating Growth: Web3 Venture Builder (Solution Design + Project Development and Shipping + Capital)

Create a Web3 Venture Studio to launch the next gen of Web3 initiatives by: (i) helping expressive Web2 companies launch on Celo and (ii) nurturing native web3 initiatives.

Budget Ask: $280,000

  • Technical Support (encompasses tech development and business support)
    • Technical Support: 300 hours / Average professional hour at $80
    • Extras (e.g. back office/operations) $40,000

Success Metrics:

  • 8 Web3 Dev Studio Participants across the region
  • 100% Project Conversion Rate to Celo
  • Transaction volume >$500M after 1 year
  1. Collabs for Awareness, Education and Hackathons**

Help onboard new community members and developers, and guide them through the ecosystem, by collaborating with ecosystem founders and partners, doing Hackathons, meetups and other learning initiatives.

Budget Ask: $120,000

We are looking to accomplish at least 12 initiatives around the next year (6 in portuguese and 6 in spanish). Ecosystem partners must submit their proposals for such and the total budget will be allocated to them. We will co-organize the initiative together and report to the community.

  1. Content Creation: Building Market Awareness and Brand Positioning with Ambassadors**

Build our community locally and on the ground. This includes translation of ecosystem news into local languages. Hosting Twitter spaces and local AMAs. Educating the community on projects in the ecosystem and programs and hosting meetups (in connection with Focus Areas number #1 and 2 above).

Budget Ask: $50,000

Description Cost
Content Creation/Moderation/Influencers $45.000
Promos/Swags/Paid Ads $5.000
  • Success Metrics
    • 2 Twitter Spaces per Week
    • 2 Instagram Lives per week
    • 4 Social media posts (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) per Week
    • Ongoing management of local communication channels

Transparency & Progress

We commit to posting monthly updates on our progress. We plan to measure success by developing a set of reports that we will share quarterly tracking the progress of:

  • N. Community Development Over Time
  • N. Active Developers over time
  • N. Projects submitted in the end of the hackathon

Reports will be shared in the forum.

Useful Links

  • Twitte/.Instagram ( @celo_esp)
  • Telegram (Celo Espanol / Celo Portugues)

Structure & Mult-Sig

Role Name Multisig
Developer Relations Alessandro Milagres [TBD]
Events, Marketing & Social Cristobal Pereira [TBD]
Martina Mendoza [TBD]
Gabriel Ribenboin [TBD]
Sebastian Rodríguez-Larrain [TBD]
Giovana Simão [TBD]
Business Development Mila Rioja [TBD]
Santiago Mora [TBD]

Extras: ($50,000)

  1. Tooling
  1. Legal review of structure, compliance and due diligence
  • In case another structure needs to be implemented due to legal review we will discuss with the community.
  1. Compensation
  • Equivalent $100 worth of CELO per Hour, expectation is 5-10 hours per month
  • Between 7-10% of overall budget will go towards compensation
  • Regional Eco Leads will waive (not receive any) compensation from this money as long as part of the Foundation.


  • Forum posts with feedback request prior to initiatives
  • Forum posts with updates
  • Social media posts
  • Quarter reports
  • Open work on Discord channel

Get to know our talent, and what we bring to the Celo Ecosystem!

Martina Mendoza - Community builder, networker, focus on using blockchain to innovate with impact. Building @ wooy

Camila Rioja - I drive vision and strategy to accomplish goals and onboard the next billion users

Gabriel Ribenboin - Changemaker focused on innovative finance towards a fairer and more regenerative economy.

Cristobal Pereira - Teaching and mentorship experience, to help others build the solutions that Latin America needs.

Santiago Mora - Entrepreneur creating financial services through efficient and accessible solutions for businesses and consumers alike. Bringing the gap between web3 and the the rest of the world.

Alessandro Milagres - A geek in love with building things

Giovana Simão - I onboard woman into web3.


Hi everyone,

My name is Ariel - I’m new to the Celo community and have just recently seen this post -, I’m a Brazilian economist and product manager. I also endorse this proposal and would like to contribute to its success.

I believe having a LATAM DAO is of great importance, because to create the conditions for prosperity for everyone we must attract local talent from diverse backgrounds, which requires a localized approach.

I’m part of the Blockchain na Escola DAO - we just received a grant from Celo that will allow us to bring blockchain education to public high schools and universities in Brazil (more especifically, Salvador and Belo Horizonte). We plan on doing educational events with students and teachers, which I think is a great opportunity to onboard new members to Celo so would love to collab there.

I also just participated in the Celo hackathon for land registry in a Brazilian government agency (SPU), where I saw a lot of of awesome projects for government innovation using Celo. @MilaRioja did an awesome job in the organization, including mentoring participants to accelerate project development. The government representatives were quite impressed with the level of innovation displayed during the competition.

These great experiences drawn me to become active in the Celo community. I think education is a powerful tool to onboard new members and expand the Celo network.

Tamo junto!


Great to see you here too, and TY for your collab during the event. Welcome!