LatAm W3 DAO Proposal

It was never said to stop hackathons. Read again the message of “DonaFlorinda”

I’m an enthusiast of the hackathon idea because that’s where 2heavens started.

Education and information are extremely important.

My view is that there are 3 major profiles:

1- Young students to engage with web3 from the beginning of their career.
2- Web2 to Web3
3 - There are many people doing a lot of cool stuff mainly in the ReFi field but some still don’t use web2 or web3 technology. In the current Celo hackathon, I saw that there are many good people, with consolidated projects, and we have a great opportunity to help them.

The hackathon is important for the 3 groups because it is the gateway to the web3 world and mainly to have Celo’s support in other programs, but for groups 2 and 3 a closest local mentorship is a differential.

I think it is important try to map out where to find each of these groups and bring more personalized support, including in Spanish and Portuguese.

I’m open to whatever you need!


Hi everyone! I’m a Colombian lawyer and account and an enthusiastic about new technologies, like Blockchain. I want to be your crypto consultant!

I support this amazing idea. LATAM needs a strong, creative and organized DAO. I know we have a different talent and responsible people. Go ahead!


Hello everyone,

David Casey here (Celo Scout, founder @ ReSource.Finance, NuMundo.

I’ve worked for the majority of the past 12 years in Latin America, mostly based out of Central America, and this proposal makes me excited about being a part of the Celo ecosystem.

It’s great to see @MilaRioja take the initiative to draft a proposal. It us also healthy to see spirited debate and strong points from @DonaFlorinda based on grassroots data and perception of foreign well-meaning entities coming in and throwing around money (often without local context and without the funds effectively reaching those who need it most, which is something that has persisted throughout the decades from the international NGO sector in the language of “sustainable development”).
Surely, this critical approach incorporating diverse perspectives will lead to a more well-formulated, well-informed, and allocation-efficient proposal.

I strongly believe in the mobile-first emerging markets thesis for driving Celo adoption, and think that energy should be focused narrowly in line with this thesis, focused on practical applications for crypto in LatAm such as remittances, mobile payments, fiat ramps, micro-credit and undercollateralized lending (and NOT competing with Polygon, Solana, Avalanche etc. on NFT’s, metaverse, GameFi and the like). Local involvement from the grassroots Colombian community to craft the proposal would surely enrich it and get buy-in from key stakeholders.

This article from @camiinthisthang very pertinently expressed the opportunity that the entire web3 space is missing right now in Latin America. The Deadend of Eurocentric Crypto — camiinthisthang

Look forward to supporting this proposal!


I Never Said “DonaFlorinda” says “Stop Hackatons”… I only show a post that I find exploring the forum and people seem grateful for winning, and I think there is a lot of post like this one. This is really nice because when you have people happy to work inside the Celo Blockchain you have a strong community and maybe the firs product of people is not a super product, but with the funds they win they can hire a good developer and make upgrades to the product.

Maybe “DonaFlorinda” says Hackaton too expensive and not too much stricts with quality, for further Hackatons the people in charge of doing that I think make sure this things change and every day the criteria is getting hard.

Super agree with you in the usecases of emittances, mobile payments, fiat ramps, micro-credit and undercollateralized lending, and i think is part of the proposal i made for a local stable currency backed by Celo Reserve, I apreciate you @davidcasey if you leave you comments in anyone of this posts:




What a good idea, the potential is enormous and the crypto communities and ecosystems in my country Colombia are waiting for this type of initiative that opens up great opportunities in LatAm.


Hi all! I’m part of Unergy, a DeFi that let anyone to invest in tokens backup on solar projects and get profit for it . I’m really glad to had met CELO and Mila, because we began to be part of an amazing community that think in the people, in their finances, and in the planet. They make us feel like part of it because they are trying to connect us all time. We really connect with their vision because like us, they try to use the technology and the web3 to make more accessible the finance and sustainable world, putting it in the people hands. I really appreciate that we can make more events in Colombia and in our language because we really think that in Colombia there are a crack people than can make us grow a lot and is necessary to give us the importance that we have. The Unergy team is on your disposition to help in any event, space or idea that make us be strong, sharing knowledge and experiences.


Hola a todos,

Soy nuevo en este ecosistema, estuve presente en el evento realizado por Celo en Medellín, una verdadera oportunidad de conocer y conectar de manera física algo que parece tan lejano y abstracto.

Es muy importante que Celo continúe con su mirada hacia Latinoamérica y en especial hacia Colombia en procesos de formación y acercamiento de la comunidad interesada en crypto ya que estos eventos facilitan mucho la comprensión del como y con quien poder interactuar si alguien desea ingresar a un nuevo protocolo.

Conocí también la Casa Celo en Bogotá y la iniciativa de mantenerla durante un año como espacio de conexión y coworkiing para el ecosistema y me encantaría tener un espacio similar en Medellín, creo que sería demasiado útil ya que Medellín es una ciudad que recibe muchos nómadas digitales y algunos de ellos estarían felices de compartir este espacio con la comunidad de Medellín.

Muy chevere tener este tipo de espacios en comunidades indígenas y que la tecnología llegue a todos los lugares, pero para esto necesitamos de un presupuesto para empezar a trabajar en enseñanza y difusión.

cuenten con todo nuestro apoyo desde Medellín y esperamos nuevos eventos para seguir llevando a más amigos a conocer de este Ecosistema.


What is your short term goal? How many small shops or enterprises do you aim to connect to CELO (accept payment in cUSD) and what Cashflow do you estimate in the first year (2023). 1.6 Million CELO (1100000$) is quite a lot, so I guess at least 10 000 enterprises should be onboarded in LATAM by the end of 23.


Let’s collaborate, I’m from Colombia, it’s a pleasure.


Así es! por que llegando a las comunidades y usuarios de una manera mas simple y entendible con su respectivos idiomas, seria de esa forma que se logran ofrecer las mejores soluciones y conocimientos del ecosistema.


The growth and adoption process can be done in different ways and speeds. The DAO proposal we are discussing is well structured and takes us, as Latam to be relevant together in a new market where the barrier between the “real world” and the blockchain/crypto world is still too high. This type of efforts together with use cases will open de gates for users around our countries to
We have established services in: wallets, debit cards, patrimonial protection through tokenization, microcredits and identity certification. I would love to see us working together as a real Latam DAO.


Santiago Mora


I spent the last month trying to understand what made Celo grown and set the dominance over the narrative of Blockchain For People, and Blockchain For the Planet. And one of the conclusions I’ve bumped into is that Celo is Easy. The technology is easy to use, the people are easy to reach and the community is easy to interact with.

Proposals like this one take it to another level, by implementing the local language element. We at ReFi Spring are more than keen to contribute to it, and personally (as a Brazilian) I’m also more than ready to help this proposal to move forward.

Tamo junto galera, pode contar comigo e com a ReFi Spring.


Thanks @MilaRioja for this well prepared proposal, I think all of these focus areas are valuable to the Celo ecosystem.

Regarding the proposals themselves, $200k is far too little to make a functioning venture studio (especially with the traction goals you have set). Doesn’t Celo already have a Celo-focused venture builder in Flori Ventures? What is the significant difference between what they are doing and what you are trying to do here? Would it be more focused on LATAM?

In my opinion the DAO goals and therefore the funding request is quite large. You could really break these items up into smaller projects or working groups, and deliver them independently.

I know it’s a pain to go to governance every time and get people interested and supportive of your requests, but I would support a more targeted focus, spread over more proposals, for example:

Proposal 1 - Hackthon Working Group 2022/2023 - 500000 CELO
Proposal 2 - LATAM Web3 Venture Studio - 1000000 CELO (I increased this number as this should be far higher than what you are asking for to be a successful startup lab, in my opinion)
Proposal 3 - LATAM Marketing Team 2022/2023 - 300000 CELO

It’s extremely difficult to track the progress of a large multi-faceted DAO like you are proposing, and there’s very few ways for the community to correct course once the spend has been approved, especially if the DAO is succeeding in one area but coming short in another. If you structure it more like targeted working groups, then they could be somewhat rolling approvals year to year. If the Hackathons are amazing in 2023, then the next year you can request new funding and everyone will be happy to vote it in again. If the marketing efforts don’t work out, then you can opt to not request new funding the next year, etc. Just brainstorming some ideas here.

Finally, do you have a treasury strategy? Will you be pulling the approval and managing it internally in the multi-sig?


Love this!!!

There is such a great and easy path to on-board new members into the ecosystem through NFTS. The use cases are nearly limitless and create a scene of community. There is also a path to use at local merchants via rewards and of course incredible art that connects us to different views and cultures. NFTs is truly a strong mechanism for CELO refi as it creates financial inclusion and preserves cultural heritage.

A case study of this is being made with us at Arigallery. We have on-boarded 67 new artist into the ecosystem that have zero blockchain or Web3 knowledge. Each now has a Valora wallet, $ARI tokens, utilizing ubeswap to stake the tokens and when they sell art they are then creating liquidity pool on Ube or Symmetric. Each piece that sells 5% goes to Impact Market. Some users are also asking about climate and how they can get involved. The creator space is true Refi and true definition of human capitol and investing in the greatest resource ever. Us, people, human beings. This is how money becomes beautiful and art useful.

I agree with Alejandro here and think that Mila and the creator community should be a vast entry point and investment from Celo.



Fala pessoal, que maravilha ler propostas como essa!

Primeiro deixa eu me apresentar. Meu nome é Giovana Simão, tenho 26 anos, brasileira e LGBTQIA+. Estou escrevendo em português pois assim como a maioria dos brasileiros não falo inglês. Então se alguém puder traduzir, eu agradeço!

Sou fundadora do canal bitdasminas, um canal focado em atrair e ensinar Cripto e Web3 para mulheres no Brasil. Como sabemos o mercado de criptomoedas é marjoritariamente masculino e estou na luta para mudar esse cenário e aumentar o número de mulheres no mercado.

Eu sempre me movi por propósito e foi exatamente por isso que o bitdasminas se tornou o maior canal de finanças para mulheres no Brasil, impactando mais de 30 mil mulheres em todos canais.

Minha história com a Celo teve início quando ouvi um podcast com a participação da @MilaRioja. Eu sai extremamente encantada e feliz por finalmente encontrar um protocolo que se preocupasse mais com pessoas e menos com dinheiro.

Comecei a me envolver com a comunidade brasileira da Celo e me senti muito acolhida. Com a vontade de fazer outras pessoas sentirem o mesmo, decidi enfrentar o desafio de mostrar o protocolo para a comunidade cripto do país. Assim escrevi e submeti um Grant com o objetivo de ajudar a propagar o nome Celo através das mídias sociais e conexão com influenciadores.

Tudo isso para dizer, que fico feliz em ler uma proposta como esta da @MilaRioja e a preocupação com a comunidade LatAm. O Brasil e todos os outros países precisam de projetos como esse para expandir e mudar a realidade do país.

O que precisarem, contem com a minha ajuda!


Hi @bitdasminas! Happy to translate that for you:

Hi everyone! It’s amazing to see proposals like this here!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Giovana Simão, I’m 26 years old, Brazilian and LGBTQIA+. I’m the founder of bitdasminas, a channel focused on attracting and teaching crypto and Web3 to women in Brazil. As we all know the cryptocurrency market is mostly male-dominated and I’m working hard to change this scenario and increase the number of women in the market.

I have always been driven by purpose and that is exactly why bitdasminas became the largest channel of finance dedicated to women in Brazil, impacting over 30,000 women in all channels.

My story with Celo started when I heard a podcast with @MilaRioja. I was delighted to finally find a protocol that cared more about people and less about money.

I started to get involved with the Brazilian Celo community and felt very welcomed. With the desire to make other people feel the same way, I decided to take on the challenge of showing the protocol to the crypto community in Brazil. So I wrote and submitted a grant intending to contribute to spread the Celo name through social media and connecting with influencers.

All this to say that I am happy to see a proposal like this from @MilaRioja and her concern for the LatAm community. Brazil and all other countries need projects like this to expand and change the reality of the country.

Whatever you need, you can count on my help!


Hi @DonaFlorinda!

I appreciate you taking the time to share your remarks. I think this is your first contribution to the DAO and the LatAm community-related posts on the Forum, and this gives me and some folks in the community the opportunity to bring more context to what is being proposed based on our joint experience, and adjust the proposal.

Anything that is not trolling and is fact based, aimed at the development of LatAm in a more comprehensive and mature way is more than welcome. Learning from past mistakes (from others and from oneself) is the best way to expand.

This is a long post that I suggest anyone interested in the topic reads carefully. But, if you are in a hurry and want the basics, this summary may give you some visibility about what’s further detailed.


Upcoming Amendments to the Proposal

  • Funds received in tranches
  • Budgets with target allocation (no pre fixed rate per action anymore)
  • “Support Personal” wording switched to Ambassadors
  • Clarifications re. governance

No Party Budget

(i) While the original DAO proposal did NOT FORESEE ANY TYPE OF BUDGET FOR PARTIES, given the mixed feedback about the topic (some people want it!) there is a proposition to ADD party budget.

  • If you have a doubt about what the “event” on Focus Area 1 means please feel free to ask. But as disclosed these are onboarding and educational events.

“Help onboard new community members and developers, and guide them through the ecosystem.”

Budget Target Allocation & Payment in Tranches

(ii) Budgets will be edited and to display a milestones-based approach and target allocations, and not fixed “budgets per event/hack”. We all know very well LatAm has very different realities within itself, and that despite the scenario expenses will always be a sensitive topic – meaning strategy accountability and transparency are key;
(iii) Community money should be allocated to the DAO in tranches, upon milestone completion and validation. This will be also updated.

Social Media & Ambassadors

(iv) The social media budget suggested (content creation/ adds/ moderation/ Ambassadors) is roughly 1k USD per media per language, if you make a rough math. This is modest according to our expertise, and allows flexibility to onboard local talent. In any case, we relocated around 40k to the Web3 VB Section and lowered the suggested spending in this regard.
(v) Did you know that LatAm is the only region where Ambassadors were responsible for independent social media content production and localization of all Celo related things in two foreign languages, in a rather differentiated pace of delivery?

  • I am personally an AVID advocate for more ambassadors. On the DAO proposal, “Support Personal” budget means “Ambassador” budget.
  • We had awesome Ambassadors collaborating with us (and some are commenting on this post), but no current policy on this (meaning no clear budget allocation/rule). As this has been a point of conflict I think crucial that we obtain this budget to be able to make choices in a grassroots way.

(v) Did you know that every week we meet on Celo Discord office hours in Portuguese and in Spanish? I think we hosted over 30 of these sessions. I would like to invite you to join: its a place where we talk a lot about all the above and more, including founders support and other relevant topics.

  • To be noted: LatAm is the only community that does this at this frequency, and also prioritizes a multi-channel approach. If you add to these numbers the Instagram Lives and Twitter Spaces, you will realize the tremendous effort being done to translate/localize/raise Celo awareness across different platforms, enabling people who think differently. If these numbers are not satisfactory for you yet, this is another reason why this DAO is super necessary.

Thank you for keeping up with me this far. If you are here, you may want to continue reading and have access to some insightful information about other Regional DAOs, differences in Foundation/Community efforts, and more!

[Initial Remarks]

  • Given your post and your tone, It becomes clear there is a huge lack of visibility about what is done in LatAm, and how we (yes, a lot of people and ambassadors were involved!) do it. We probably should be posting here more about the discord office hours, the community led meet ups, the countless talks we do with projects and developers. We should also post about the awesome projects that onboard into Celo after such initiatives (you can see some on the comments below). W/o resources, however, it is impossible to achieve such and also report on it, also on a foreign language. This is another reason why this DAO proposal is up.

  • I see your post addresses different topics, and some not related to the DAO or its scope. Most seem based on your experience with other dApps in the ecosystem and/or Foundation initiatives. To better allocate your critiques and previous learning, I think this post here can help you direct suggestions to the different verticals and responsible stakeholders. From Ambassadors Program, Hackathons, NFTs initiatives, MarComms - you will find the strategy, paths and responsible parties there. Also keep in mind I am the only Foundation member on this DAO and, if you want to know what my circle is working on (and why) please refer to this post here.

  • For cStables, you may want to talk to the Mento team or engage in any of the discussions here in the forum. So many relevant ones have taken place and the LatAm community have engaged – including a Colombian Peso proposition you may be interested on. Usually topics discussed are liquidity, exchange listings, integrations and others related to actual use cases. To have meaningful conversations, however, its crucial that you are addressing stakeholders in pertinent topics.

  • You may also want to check, in case you have not yet, that the Regional DAOs are a global movement and initiative on Celo. Here you can get inspired by the Africa and India proposals and discussions.

Finally, and prior to assessing your points, I just wanted to share an excerpt of another post I made on the forum:

“While blockchain is a global technology, we believe that the Purpose of Celo as a community can only be fulfilled when grassroots actions are undertaken by the local communities. Our role in this journey is to provide the tools (e.g. incentives, structure, support) so that innovation and growth opportunities arise from within the communities that will be developing, using and profiting from such technologies created – starting from a local standpoint, but with potential for global impact in the broader Celo community – and beyond.”

Lets further dive into your comments.

[Dona Florinda’s Points]

  • CELO should not finance more party-makers than engineers and social inovators.
  • This party-first approach are creating a barrier within (far from expensive conferences) purposeful latam on-the-ground innovators. And they do exist!
  • LatAm needs more social-technologists (hackers) than NFT makers.
  • The 2000’s “internet community” sense is been reapropriated by web3 as a dystopic creators-consumers mass now, 20 years later.

No Party Budget

  • This DAO proposal never set any budget for parties. However, given the mixed different feedback about we would like to propose a discussion about ADDING budget to parties. All: pls comment below if you think allocating 10% of events budget towards parties (meaning music/dance/drinks/laughter/bad crypto jokes on the dancefloor) is a good idea.

The Doer’s

  • We are super happy to have doers on the initial DAO multisig formation, with proven track record in and out of Celo community. True social, technological and nature innovators. The profiles are different and complementary, from governance/accountability experts, to hackathon and crypto events masters, to new voices on web 3 and Celo community building leaders, and green (not washing) project executors. Not only that, but we already see here in this post so many volunteer contributors (community members and past Ambassadors) are ready to engage and co-host such initiatives.

No More NFTs - personal take

  • As regards the no more NFTs comment,*, my personal view is to incentivize that more opportunities continue reaching reach top tier builders, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. This posture of not interfering on communities and founders decisions - but rather supporting them in what they see as best is one I will personally preserve – also as a show of respect to local knowledge and initiatives.

No More NFTs - DAO take

  • I am one in many, and this is a DAO based not only on sacred economics but also Teal. Meaning: feedback is part of the process and will take place. When the hackathons are up, the challenges and prizes will be subject to community input. Technology, time and organization allowing, hackathon prizes will also be subject to community feedback.
  • 90k per hackathon? when the mediators are just “git clone” and “yarn run” the already open-sourced celo-compose or celo-web3-stacks? 90k can bootstrap one-year companies in Latam!!
  • Past CELO hackatons already brought controversies, as some $100k winners barely had a git commit.

Budget Allocation

  • You have a very good point here: every opportunity is unique. Some initiatives need more capital, while others don’t. Specially when the community can leverage on the connections the DAO members bring to the table.

  • We tried to be extra prescriptive about costs bc we are concerned with transparency. On the practical side of things, however, you energized a good idea on how to present the budgets: adjust all to suggested target allocation, and put a minimum deliverable standard. This way you and all can join us in the transparency and accountability journey.

Hackathon Best Practices

  • On the hackathon commits issue: super agreed. I see for instance that the latest Celo Hackathon has milestones related to commits - meaning a clear evolution from what you mentioned. Wdyt about this newmodel to solve the tension you pointed? Do you have any other suggestions you want to share at this moment?

  • I co-organized two hackathons on Celo. In one, in around 3 weeks 300 developers from Brasil enrolled. This was the first hackathon ever on Celo community done in Portuguese. While I am most proud of this, I learned that w/o constant and dedicated support in Portuguese there is no way for the dev community to grow. @ewertonLP Joined our ecosystem in the occasion. He build a company, successfully fundraised and now is also a Dev Rel Ambassador!

Note: Ignoring the need for localization and translation and its costs, but also and the opportunity to nurture a local community is a very good way not to achieve any progress and miss some relevant “competitive advantages”.

Lack of Community Awareness

  • There is a reported and proven lack of awareness and positioning of Celo in LatAm / lack of docs translated to Portuguese and Spanish / lack of enough local DevRel support / lack of sufficient Dev Ambassadors / lack of infra – among so many other details are relevant for the success of any of the endeavors listed here. The savvier we are unfortunately doesn’t make any of these cheaper - but indeed help us make better choices.

This is actually very good prep for your next questions.

  • One million and a half brazilian reais ($240k) to run social media? you can buy a dedicated agency for daily work for 5 years.
  • What is the sense of doing “Instagram lives” { sorry, why endorse Meta’s platforms-as-vigilance first? }, or Twitter lives, when this lives today dont pass 5 people beyond the invited’s crews.

Oi / Hola! Aqui Falamos Outras Linguas…

  • LatAm has independent Portuguese and Spanish contents being produced outside the Foundation. Although this is an extremely complex matter and a point of pain to any Web3 solution, me and others energized an initiative never seen before on Celo community:

  • Ambassadors were leading the Portuguese and Spanish social media channels since its launch! Focusing on grass roots awareness and education, using a bottom up approach. I think you will appreciate to know this, as you seem to be a supporter of Ambassadors work. Sadly their grants are all over and this work was paused. This DAO aims at putting back comms on the communities hands.

Meta concerns: Meta in Portuguese means GOAL, and the goal is to grow

  • We have learned a lot together, an sustain that a budget of 10k for Portuguese and 10k for Spanish a month, to encompass: content creation / localization / traffic adds / support material for hackathons and awareness endeavors in the following platforms: Twitter / Telegram / Instagram / Discord / TikTok is not only shy but rather tight (around 1k per media per language). Unless you want to keep all discussions and growth subject to people speaking English (what is questionable and not supported by the community here on the Forum, on Discord, on TG/IG and Twitter) an effort needs to be made.

  • Community feedback on this topic is that ignoring social media in LatAm is a questionable and superficial strategy, constantly undertaken by foreigners that don’t understand the locals culture and adopt a very US/European-centric view of crypto. This has been widely discussed in Discord. I would like to invite you to join every Tuesday 11:15am GMT-3. Discussions are held in Portuguese and Spanish, so you will feel home.

  • If you have any social media agencies that would do Web3 work for this price for 5 years please send their contact and proposal. In any case, maybe you want to get to know a little more about the amazing work that was done by the Ambassadors in social media for LatAm and may even praise their hard work of “landing” Celo for the first time in Portuguese and Spanish.

  • I am really afraid the one-million-dollars Mila-proposal are going to benefit just her NTF-makers friends-of-friends, while reading their discord.
  • Do you want to share a link to “their discord” so we can preserve the good faith in this discussions?
  • $100/hour is a mockery, in a place where the fulltime-month salary (160h work) is around $200. Of course many of her new “friends” want a piece of the cake.

What can you buy with minimum wage? If you think your basic needs is the answer, thats probably bc you don’t live in LatAm

  • Can you share a link to this claim? This is below minimum wage in some LatAm countries. So foreigners can relate, here is a good article. Click and check - you will see what a minimum wage can buy, among other info.

  • On a more objective front, given the “remuneration” of the DAO is capped at 10% max of its value (or around USD 100k year or less than 5k a month per language (ignoring that we are talking about at least 4 very relevant target countries), you can see how modest this proposition is.

  • Its a rather high accomplishment to deliver all the above w/o proper compensation and incentives. I praise all who volunteered to this and state that maybe we need to find a model in the future where there is proper compensation (and prosperity for this DAO too) for the extreme heavy lifting this proposal will entail.

  • Another relevant point you might want to consider: If you believe LatAm people should be remunerated less than some standard international DAOs its certainly your right - but not something we agree with. We should not Tier Celo community globally, based on 1st world/second class type of approach.

On a personal note: Although I waived receiving any pay for this your comment made me think maybe this is not fair given the amount of work I will have to undertake.Thus, I will reconsider this point.

  • There is a “prosperity as luxurious” aesthetics been performed that creates an aversion on the technologists/hackers scene where I presented the exciting cStables.

The Opportunities and the Roadblocks

  • Re. cStables: Interesting. Since the stables model is unique in terms of accessibility. On cReal for instance was launched with the largest number of partners integrated, and encompassed adoption by centralized and decentralized solutions. A real astonishing accomplishment, given you can pay any utility bill or on/off ramp using local dApps.

  • I unfortunately don’t see any of the points you are raising being discussed here in the Forum, or contributions to open cStables discussions (past and current such as the cCOP one, that could be of interest to you given you say you are from Colombia). I don’t quite understand what you are talking about, or why you are bringing this to the context of this DAO that has super clear and straightforward goals and responsibilities.

  • You might want to direct your comments re. cStables to the Mento team (another example of how relevant it is to address tensions to the stakeholders responsible), or make comments to the cCOP open discussions above (or to any other cStables discussions myself and the community have engaged on. Usually such discussions relate to: liquidity / fees / slippage / integration / opportunities).

  • I did read Eisenstein book and it is sad that the Carbon-Credit market is full of mercenaries far from the real preoccupation with our sacred forests, and Celo should be very careful to avoid green-washing involvements.
  • Relevant point. DAO and supporting people on the comments that have expertise on the space may be interested to exchange ideas with you on how to advance areas of mutual interest and relevance. Can you share the projects you have been involved in this space and or learnings to help us grow?

  • We host a lot of these conversations on the Discord on Tuesdays. I would like to invite you to join the spaces in Portuguese and Spanish.

“We do want -and need- financial inclusion and new fair FinTechs and platforms! My suggestion would rather to endorse Federated Ambassadors /Leads per country (rather than One Queen)”"

  • I am #1 fan of the Ambassadors initiative and, although the budget for it is out of my scope in the Foundation I was lucky to work and energize initiatives with several - such as social media channels in PT/Spanish being led by Ambassadors. This was a first, and something I strongly advocated for and supported.

  • We will propose a wording switch from “Support Personal” to “Ambassadors” on the above - as this is more true to the collaboration they will perform. If you want to be an Ambassador for the hackathons, for example, we would be happy to consider.

Funny last note: My name, Camila, means “The Servant”. So “Queen Camila” is actually a very interesting thing to think about. Camila, Mila, Queen: feel free to call me whichever - specially if you are calling me to propose solutions to existing factual tensions that are hindering the growth of LatAm community and initiatives.


Hi @bitdasminas ! Thank you for waiving the Celo Flag while being an Ambassador, and onboarding other amazing Ambassadors!