LatAm/IberoAm Alliance For Prosperity

Hi All,

Wanted to ignite discussion on a relevant topic: How to further advance synergies within the ecosystem, and the role a targeted alliance could play.

The design below is an initial proposition for constituting forums to discuss LatAm/IberoAm opportunities and synergies.

And the below a website to connect the leads for such initiative: Regional Alliance for Prosperity

Looking forward to hearing your opinion on the relevance of this initiative and best ways to push it forward.


I fully support having a regional alliance!

I believe that being closer to traditional companies that are investing in the area or intending to do so will be important.

That’s why I believe that we can have an initiative where we can join forces to be better positioned and with that we have the power to invite, meet , negotiate or propose solutions for these traditional companies, whether partnering or providing services to them.


I also think that this is a wonderful idea and you can count with our engagement to it!

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Wow that’s great! We gonna connect our social impact projects :slight_smile:

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From your comments I observe that initiative may unlock:

  1. Strategic partnerships for existing projects on the Ecosystem (e.g. @edlovecrypto in search for IB partner)
  2. Building targeted solutions (as per @ewertonLP comment)
  3. Opportunities for social impact.

Looking forward to hear more opinions, also re. the current structure.

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Hey @MilaRioja , I really like this idea and support it. Maybe we could also work with social currencies like and social projects like . I believe they can help us cause social impact and onboard new users into the celo ecosystem.

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