Alliance For Prosperity 2.0

Hi Fam! My name is Xochitl Cazador and I lead Ecosystem Growth at The Celo Foundation. I’d love to provide an update on Alliance for Prosperity. The Alliance for Prosperity was launched shortly before Celo Mainnet on Earth Day 2020 with the goal of igniting a global ecosystem that could create a more prosperous world. We believe that in order to solve the toughest problems – we need to bring the greatest minds together.

Over the last two years, the Alliance for Prosperity has grown to 150+ members and includes a diverse set of projects around the world. 70% of projects in the Alliance have launched on Celo. Recent projects that have joined the Alliance this year include: GoodDollar, Goldfinch, Tatum, Nuzo, and more!

We’ve seen magic happen in the Celo ecosystem when Alliance members come together to take the building blocks of crypto and apply them to solve real-world problems. A recent example of this was the pilot led Mercy Corps, Kotani Pay, Moola and Cinch to provide undercollateralized employer loans to smallholder farmers in Africa. As we think about Alliance 2.0, our goal is not only to encourage more thoughtful innovation and experimentation but to support wide scale adoption – to take the seeds the Alliance has planted over the last two years and help them grow. We plan to do this in the following ways:

  • Mainstream Partnerships & Adoption: Build for global adoption with a focus on projects that are committed to Celo’s mission of prosperity for all The ecosystem has exciting projects in the pipeline that we hope to share soon!
  • Committees: Opportunity for alliance members to come together to discuss a specific vertical and what is needed to help accelerate adoption. Committees launched this year include: Climate Collective, DeFi Collective, Creator Collective, and Impact Collective.
  • Alliance Hub: Resources to learn more about what’s going on in the Alliance, how to plug into programs, and meet with other members.
  • Local Regional Groups: Monthly meetups with Alliance members in your region to meet with, learn from and grow together.
  • Pilot Program: Program to help projects experiment using key web3 building blocks in areas where underbanked and unbanked communities need innovation most, and be long term partners to scale solutions on Celo and in the Celo ecosystem.

All Member’s Call

Tentatively scheduled for November 30th at 8:00 am PST. Open to all Alliance for Prosperity members. Please register to attend here.

Proposed Agenda

Below is the proposed agenda. If you’d like to propose additional topics please comment below.

  • Celo Foundation Board Nominations
  • Ecosystem Update
  • Celo Rebrand & Activation Plan
  • Member Spotlight
  • Alliance 2.0
  • Q&A

We’ll also have time in the agenda for Alliance Members to spotlight their projects. If you would like to share an update with the Alliance, please complete this nomination form. We’d also love to invite you to share feedback on what you love and what you wish there was more of to help us tailor the agenda on what is top of mind for you.

Join the Alliance for Prosperity

If you are not a member of the Alliance for Prosperity and would like to join, please complete this application form.



Proud and excited about this initiative.

Thank you for leading this @Xochitl - looking forward to joining

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Thank you @masha for inviting us to be a part of this. @Xochitl amazing seeing this and what is being worked on. Can’t wait for the call.


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Hey @Xochitl ! This sounds great. In our Season 11 planning for the Regions we tackled the objective to come up with best ways to organize regional alliances and meeting towards accomplishments. Founders stated in our calls/spaces that they feel the need and support our organizing in areas of interest, so we will share more information on the upcoming updates on that thread.


lovely initiative. wouldnt mind joining