inTheory - Advancing science through generative art [CC6 2022]

inTheory [Batch 6]

Short description

inTheoryis a digital platform where users can discover and back scientific research projects by collecting generative artworks and other tokenized assets.


The team at Impact Finance (IF) is building inTheory, and other projects to support the future of science.

CEO/CTO - Brett Cornick
Brett has 7 years of first-hand experience funding, conducting, and commercializing scientific research. He has spent time in leadership roles at early-stage tech start-ups, and as a research contributor at universities and national laboratories. Brett holds a MS in Computational Materials Science from UCLA and a BS in Chemical Engineering from USC.

COO - Cameron Nili
Cameron brings 7 years of experience designing and implementing AI- and blockchain-based systems for Fortune 500 companies. He consults TradFi institutions on adopting DeFi products by creating new operating models that capture new market value, transform operations, and manage risk. Cam holds a BS in Business Administration from USC.

Long Description

The current process for funding, sharing, and commercializing scientific research is flawed and inefficient. Poor incentive structures make it difficult for researchers to secure funding and do not reward the open-access publishing of work, leading to the creation of rigid data silos and an opaque research ecosystem. Taxpayers are a primary funding source for science in today’s system, but then have no involvement in the selection of what research gets funded and have limited transparency into progress and results.

To address these problems, Impact Finance is building inTheory, a DeSci trading platform and NFT marketplace for direct exposure to scientific discovery.

inTheory provides a welcome entry point for non-scientist users to speculate on and support scientific research projects through the trading of various types of tokenized research assets. These assets include generative artworks, datasets, patents, algorithms, methodologies, and more. inTheory also allows users to cast their vote for which research gets funded and earn rewards when funded projects get commercialized or licensed. This supports a more connected research ecosystem.

Technical Implementation

During Celo Camp we built a mobile application that allows users to mint a generative-art NFT based on their science interests. These NFTs will help inTheory to decide the first round of projects funded by the platform when it launches. Mint one for free here (we cover the gas fees!):

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Follow us on Twitter @DeSci_Impact or email us at [email protected]

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