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Hi everyone and happy Friday!

We hope everyone has had an amazing new year! My name is Mashiat Mutmainnah and I am the NFT Ecosystem Lead at the Celo Foundation. @masha and I have been heads down the past year focusing on building, composable NFT infrastructure that can help set up the NFT ecosystem on Celo as the leading ReFi ecosystem in the web3 industry.

We are very excited to provide updates on our latest NFT- powered ReFi primitive, Impact Cards. Celo is the first chain in the web3 industry to deploy the innovative tech stack powering Impact Cards and we are excited to activate this use case in 2023 with the help of the global Celo community!


Proof of Impact is an on-chain record of users’ impact activities and impact contributions. In our current landscape, public goods protocols and impact platforms are siloed and fragmented, making it very hard for users to see a holistic view of their impact contributions. As a result, users are not incentivized to donate, contribute or participate on a recurring basis and cannot leverage their impact reputation to access new experiences.

The Impact Cards serve as a single unified impact dashboard for a user’s impact contributions. With a super customizable front-end view and composable backend infrastructure, the Impact Card is an NFT that can read on-chain and cross-chain impact data and eventually off-chain impact data.

As users can complete different impact actions, they can unlock badges that dynamically and automatically update to reflect their contributions and can even use these credentials to unlock access to new features within protocols and across other EVM ecosystems. Our main goal is to recognize the positive externalities of user’s actions and reward them to create positive contribution loops.

Protocols can benefit from transparent impact reporting and accessing segmented and actionable data on how users are engaging with key features. The cross-chain and off-chian data functionalities also open doors for cross collaboration with protocols across EVM ecosystems or even web protocols working with NGOs and traditional impact platforms. Imagine if Grameen and GoodGhosting launched an MFI campaign together.


The V1 of Impact Cards is live on impactcards.xyz. Anyone can activate their impact card as long as they have a wallet address. We have 3 impact quests that users can complete and can get 3 dynamic badges.


Our vision with Proof of Impact is to create an open, permission-less Proof of Impact network, where web3 public goods protocols, DeFi, NFT Platforms, climate projects, NGOs and impact organizations can all plug into the Impact Card, deploy their own impact quests and reward their users for participating and contributing.

We want to create a network that also ensures composability for Celo. The cross-chain functionality will allow protocols and users on other EVM chains to also activate their Impact Cards on Celo and access Celos’ thriving ReFi ecosystem. Similarly, native protocols on Celo can also activate users on other EVM chains through collaborating on new impact quests and providing creative rewards.

The off-chain to on-chain functionality allows for NGOs, climate projects and traditional impact orgs to activate and incentivize users to contribute without having to onboard them onto web3 with a wallet.
Users can choose which contributions they want on-chain and the organization can take care of the on-chain credential process through Celo’s infrastructure and tools. We believe that this is a huge step in ensuring users have complete ownership of their data and privacy as well.

Next Steps:

We are currently in the process of iteration and developing V2 of Impact Cards. Our main goals for Q1 of 2023 are :

  1. Onboard new web3 protocols, impact orgs and mission-aligned brands onto the Proof of impact network.
  2. Develop v2 and showcase off-chain to on-chain functionality @ EthDenver on Feb 24th.
  3. Iterate impact quests, the Card design and website to provide better onboarding experience.
  4. Garner demand for a Plug and Play SDK for any web3 project to plug into the Proof of Impact Network.

Ask for The Community:

If you are interested in collaborating with us and getting featured on V2 @EthDenver, joining the Proof of Impact Network or even forking your own Impact Card. please fill out this form below. We would love to get conversations for EthDenver and understand how we can better iterate our Impact Cards for all.

Proof of Impact Form

We are also scaling and building the community around Impact Cards , so would appreciate if our community can support and follow us on twitter @ImpactCards

Thank you and wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Hi this sounds very interesting. Kudos! The v1 link you provided impactcards.xyz isn’t working for me.

hi , are you having trouble activating the card?

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Thanks Mash. It is working now… must have been a temporary issue when I tried. Very cool. Thank you for sharing. :clap: :green_heart:

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Mashiat thank you for articulating so well what we are working towards. Excited to continue to build alongside you. Also really looking forward to hearing from the community about what you want to see and what you think of what we have so far.

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