[Incident] Valora Komenci Errors and reduced Attestation events

This is a copy of a Discord message (for future reference)

Brief update on reduced attestation events (for completeness)

Root cause

Komenci is currently only used by Valora. Valora uses “Komenci Relayers” to subsidise various on-chain activities during their user’s onboarding journey. The “Komenci Relayers” need a CELO and cUSD balance to function. The “Komenci Relayers” ran out of funds and thus Valora’s onboarding experience stopped working. This was noticed by errors thrown in Valora clients and by a drop in attestation events emitted on-chain.

The Komenci relayers are funded by this main account: Address 0x83ac6e41f97db5aa4b15da0d768682a12e73b0c6 | CeloScan


Valora topped up the Komenci Relayers with CELO and cUSD. :white_check_mark:

Thank you @Thylacine for being so attentive and flagging this :raised_hands:
Really appreciate you reaching out here!! :coinhug:

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