Granda Mento Exchange Proposal 2 Discussion: 1,000,000 CELO for 5,547,000 cEUR

Granda Mento Exchange Proposal 2

  1. What token and quantity are you selling, and what token are you buying?

Selling 1 million CELO for 5,547,000 cEUR

  1. Who are you?

AP Grant Foundation Company

  1. Why do you want to execute the exchange?

Acquiring cEUR to issue grants in cEUR as needed by grant recipients. It’s the corporate mandate of AP Grant Foundation Company to issue grants to support the Celo Ecosytem.

  1. What is the on-chain proposal ID and the on-chain buy amount?

Current proposal ID is 2. After a feedback period to this post lasting until next Friday, an on-chain exchange proposal will be created assuming feedback is supportive.

  1. How did you acquire the CELO?

Genesis block allocation, details of CELO allocation can be found here.

  1. At what price did you acquire the CELO?



I support this proposal.


Seems easy to support!

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Hey as I mentioned in the other post, it applies here too: Granda Mento Exchange Proposal 1 Discussion: 1,000,000 CELO for 6,450,000 cUSD - #9 by thezviad

Hi folks, my reading of the Granda Mento Documentation (docs, github) is that - as a multisig signer - I should approve if there is “rough consensus” from the community.

My view is that Granda Mento is designed to facilitate fiat-EUR → CELO → cEUR . Facilitating CELO → cEUR at prices below market effectively constitutes a grant to the exchanging party from the CELO community, a task that is better overseen by grant-specific programs .

Since I judge that there is not rough consensus on this forum for the proposal, my current position is not to sign the multi-sig.