Applying for Grants on Celo (including on-chain grants)

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  • There are on-chain and off-chain grants on Celo.
  • Off-chain grants are quicker and typically suitable for smaller amounts. They don’t require a vote by CELO holders
  • On-chain grants require a vote by CELO holders. There is a formal process for this.
  • On-chain grants are funded by scheduled minting of CELO. (Minting of CELO goes to locked Celo rewards, validator rewards, CO2 offsets (very small amount required) and the on-chain community fund. Originally, 25% of minting (also called emissions or epoch rewards) were intended for the community fund - this is roughly the case still).

On-chain Grants

Off-chain Grants

  • Off-chain grants are controlled by multi-sigs (multiple signature wallets - e.g. three of five people must sign a transaction for it to be approved).
  • Typically the funds for off-chain grants originally come from an on-chain proposal, e.g. Celo Community Fund I applied for an on-chain grant, and then lets smaller projects directly apply to the Celo Community Fund for grants. The idea is to speed things up so that small projects don’t have to go through a full on-chain governance process.
  • Examples of off-chain grants include:
    ** Celo Community Fund (inactive now until Celo Community Fund II gets approval):
    ** Ocelot:
    ** Celo Foundation: Celo Foundation Grants