[Template] Granda Mento Exchange Proposal Discussion

This is a template for Granda Mento exchange proposal forum discussions based off the processes set up in CIP 46.

Forum Post Title:
Granda Mento Exchange Proposal <on-chain proposal ID> Discussion: <sell amount> <sell token> for <buy amount> <buy token>

Forum Post Contents

  1. What token and quantity are you selling, and what token are you buying?

  2. Who are you?

  3. Why do you want to execute the exchange?
    // Include the intended use of bought funds.

  4. What is the on-chain proposal ID and the on-chain buy amount?
    // Detailed info can be found by running this command and sharing the output:
    // celocli grandamento:show --proposalId <proposal-id>
    // If you are planning to create the on-chain exchange proposal after
    // fielding opinions from the community, please mention so here.

— Only if selling CELO —

  1. How did you acquire the CELO?
    // For example, via the Celo Foundation, Mento, a centralized exchange, OTC, etc.

  2. At what price did you acquire the CELO?