Governance proposal to extend the governance referendum phase duration to 5 days

Hello everyone,

Since the Mainnet launch, the on-chain governance process has been running at an expedited pace to activate features and fine-tune parameters. The original intent had been to start with this faster cadence and eventually slow it down. In addition, the greater Celo community has expressed a desire to have more time to review, debate, and vote on proposals.

As such, cLabs has submitted a governance proposal to extend the referendum (voting) stage from 2 days to 5 days. You may learn more about the details of this governance proposal here.

Anticipated timeline:

  • July 14: cLabs submits the proposal; CELO holders will have 24h to upvote.
  • July 15: If dequeued, approvers review the proposals.
  • July 16: If approved, CELO holders have 48h to vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN.
  • July 18: If the proposal passes, the referendum stage will be extended to 5 days

If you have any comments or questions we suggest replying here (vs. reaching out on Discord, Telegram, or email) so as to keep the conversation asynchronous and inclusive.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts,
The cLabs team