Getting "missing trie node error"

I am using python contract kit, celo-sdk-py ([GitHub - blaize-tech/celo-sdk-py]

(GitHub - blaize-tech/celo-sdk-py)) to interact with the Celo mainnet. I tried to call a contract method for a specific block number:

lending_pool_contract.functions.getUserReserveData('0x765DE816845861e75A25fCA122bb6898B8B1282a', web3.toChecksumAddress('0x86dba69d06f87F3FDEef5eDaE2ce63835187FD59')).call(block_identifier=6906115)

I am getting the following error(Missing trie node). This error does not occur if I choose one of the last 1000 block or something. How to resolve this?