Get logs emitted by a specific smart contract

I am trying to use celo python sdk to get logs emitted by a specific smart contract (called “LendingPool” contract). Here is my code:
from celo_sdk.kit import Kit
with open("./contracts/LendingPoolAddressesProvider.json") as f:
Lending_Pool_Addresses_Provider = json.load(f)
with open("./contracts/LendingPool.json") as f:
Lending_Pool = json.load(f)
kit = Kit(‘’)
web3 = kit.w3
eth = web3.eth
lending_pool_address = “0x6EAE47ccEFF3c3Ac94971704ccd25C7820121483” #GitHub - moolamarket/moola
address_provider = kit.w3.eth.contract(address=lending_pool_address, abi=Lending_Pool_Addresses_Provider)
address = address_provider.functions.getLendingPool().call()
lending_pool = eth.contract(address= address, abi= Lending_Pool)
event_filter = eth.filter({“address”: lending_pool.address, ‘fromBlock’:0, ‘toBlock’: ‘latest’})
But I am getting the following error:

What am I doing wrong, is there a better way to get logs for a specific contracts in python?