[Sunsetting] Contractkit

Hello Celo devs :wave:

With the recent efforts from everyone at clabs to make CELO as eth-tooling-compatible as possible, it became clear that we should strive to support the existing ecosystem rather that create our own libraries.

That’s why contractkit is in the process of being deprecated for public usage. While our internal tools still rely on its existence, we will stop supporting the library on public channels and will slowly migrate away from using it ourselves.

If you are using Contractkit at the moment and don’t know how to migrate to ethers, web3 or viem, please contact us via Github Discussions .

If you have a particularly sensitive issue please reach out to devrel@celo.org.

The contractkit code within the celo-monorepo will not be removed and it is possible that updates keep being pushed to npm. However I must emphasise that no support will be provided regarding its usage.

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