Foundation Voting Program - Updates

Hello Validators,

We wanted to share a quick update on Cohort 10 and set some dates for Cohort 11.

We are in the final stages of Cohort 10 of the Voting Program and results should be announced soon. The recommendations to the Foundation were based on applicant’s attestation and uptime scores. The recommendations also aimed to encourage financial inclusion and the participation of secure, reliable validators.

Important information:

  • Cohort 11 will start Nov. 1, 2022. :calendar:
  • If you are interested in becoming a validator please review the process for running your Validator on Baklava.
  • Running a Validator Group on Baklava is the first step so get started now.

If you have any questions, feel free to tag @dave_commsec in the #validators-operators channel on Discord, or email [email protected].

I think a bunch of un-attended baklava validators also got slashed and lost their elected status recently, so it’s a good time to bring in some replacement validator candidates for the next Cohort 11.

:loudspeaker: A quick update on the status of Cohort 10: we’re still in the process of reviewing the diligence
responses. No formal decisions have been made.

We’re excited and very close to being able to communicate with successful re-applicants and new applicants!

And a friendly reminder to get started on Baklava if you are interested in running as a new validator in Cohort 11. If you have any questions, feel free to tag @Dave_CommSec | CF#0092 in the #validators-operators channel on Discord, or email [email protected].