Experiment: Using POAPs for measuring loyalty and reputation in the Turkish community

The Turkish crypto ecosystem is pretty vibrant, with many players taking place actively. As the communities get more decentralized, the value of measuring the impact of a community member is becoming highly important. To address this, we started to design, mint, and send POAPs to our community members for their attendance at community events. And we have seen increase in our Twitter activity.

The ideation behind this was to use POAPs to enable showcasing reputation, loyalty, and adoption.

We want to create a segmentation via POAPs for internal due diligence of the community-powered efforts. This may include creating a Discord Server for the Turkish Community and giving roles based on collected POAPs. Thereafter, the goal is to expand this experiment into localization, translation, proofreading, technical workshops, event hosting, and many more.

We will continue to experiment POAPs with some of the applicable potential use cases in the future. If you are an ambassador and want to learn more about this experiment, please feel free to reply to this post on the forum and reach me on Twitter. I am more than happy to share!

You can read the detailed story of the process below.

The first two POAPs are already sent to our community! Our next designs for the Celo BlockParty are on the way!

What is a POAP?:
POAPs, or “Proof of Attention Tokens,” are types of digital assets that are designed to be collectible and tradeable. They are often created and distributed by organizations or communities as a way to recognize and reward certain actions or behaviors, such as attending an event or participating in a community activity.

It is possible to use POAPs as a way to measure the impact or reach of an event, activity, or organization by tracking the number of POAPs that are distributed and/or the level of engagement or activity surrounding them. However, it is important to note that POAPs are not a universally accepted or standardized measure of impact and their value and usefulness will depend on the specific context and goals of the organization or activity in question.

The Experiment:

As an ambassador, my goal is to get the Turkish Celo Community to adopt POAP usage and benefit from it in the long run.

Until now, there have been several types of events in the Turkish community, which are Twitter Spaces, Physical Meet-Ups, and technical workshops.

First things first, we need the POAP design. Credits to Kerem Ahmet Türk (Celo Ambassador) looked into Celo BrandKit and came up with these wonderful designs.

Next up, I need to find a way to mint the NFTs and send them to the owners. I can either deploy my own contract and do things through API calls or use an NFT marketplace that supports Celo. In order to provide better UX and increase Valora adoption, I started to look for a marketplace. In the same period, Babylons team from Turkey was launching their Celo support, working on the Valora integration, and asked me about grants in the Celo ecosystem. I had a meeting with the team and we were aligned with Celo tenets which helped me with an easy decision.

Celo Türkiye Twitter account is our main source for distributing news from the Celo ecosystem to the Turkish community. It boosted our Twitter activity as we distributed nearly ~30 POAPs to users

Potential and Future Use Cases:

Impact measurement is one of the key requirements for a healthy community. Celo provides coordination tools via its Web3 stack and Ecosystem Leads as guides, to us as community members. From that point, every member can utilize these gifts for the sake of building/joining a local community.

Initially, every local community has its problems to solve. Therefore, every local community needs its own resources to find solutions. For example, the Turkish and Brazillian fintech ecosystems are highly reputable worldwide. However, using cryptocurrencies as a payment method is prohibited in Turkey. On the contrary, the Brazilian Real can be digitalized as $cREAL on Celo. While Brazilian communities can work on creating new use cases for $cREAL, the Turkish community may need to look for lacunae in law.

POAPs can be used to create a segmentation within the community that can be utilized on several occasions.

  • Decision-making: POAP owner’s vote has a higher influence

  • Segmentation in Roles: The distribution of the Discord roles can rely on POAPs

  • Rewarding: Any form of a community reward (e.g. grants or swag) can be distributed via POAPs

  • Feedback Valuation: Any feedback on the community efforts (e.g. hosting an event, localization) by the POAP owner can be more valuable

  • Funding an Impact: The development of the Impact Cards and hypercerts shows that there’s a huge potential in impact measurement. A bounty for Celo Developer Docs localization can be turned into a POAP and published by Celo. (I am well aware of Gitcoin Bounties :grin:). The one that completes the required steps, can earn the POAP and claim the bounty with it.

> Special thanks to @meltems for her collaboration on this experiment :innocent:


Like this concept. Feel free to mint on our Marketplace. You can set up a collection and have your audience download a Valora and go to Ari to claim their NFT

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Congratulations @regenesturk :clap:

I’m starting to actively use POAP’s for Community related events here in SF. Would love to hop on a call and share learnings.