Espresso Hard Fork Tentative Timeline

Hello everyone,

I’d like to share some progress that we’ve made on the Espresso Hard Fork.

A large component of the Espresso HF is maintaining Ethereum compatibility & we’ve been merging in a lot of upstream changes. Once we’ve finished up the upstream merge, we’ll be able to begin testing the HF activation and HF features. You can track the process of the merge here and the progress towards the HF here.


  • Merge complete

  • Ephemeral testnets (~2 weeks)

  • Baklava Release (~2 weeks from release to activation)

  • Baklava Testing (~1 week after release)

  • Mainnet Release (at least ~6 week from release to activation)

Please note that these are anticipated timelines. If there is a problem, we will resolve it before moving onto the next stage of the rollout. Currently we expect to release the Baklava client in late October or November and a Mainnet client in December (with a late January activation), but these dates are subject to change.