Espresso on Mainnet: Celo-Blockchain v1.5.0 Release

Hi Validators and Full Node Operators,

Following the success of the Baklava Testnet Espresso Hardfork, we are pleased to announce the release of celo-blockchain 1.5.0 with a block number selected for Mainnet and Alfajores activation for Espresso Hardfork.

All Mainnet node operators must upgrade their nodes prior to the hard forks’ activation. Un-upgraded nodes will be unable to stay synced to the network after hard fork activation. If you are a validator that fails to upgrade, you won’t be able to connect anymore to the Celo network and will lose rewards and could get slashed. If you are a full-node operator like an exchange that fails to upgrade your node version in preparation for the hardfork, you won’t be able to sync to Celo after the hardfork. So it’s important to upgrade ASAP. Espresso is scheduled to activate together as follows:

  • Alfajores: block number 9472000 (Thursday January 20th)
  • Mainnet: block number 11354500 (12:06 PM PDT on Tuesday February 8th)

Be sure to review the release notes here.

The cLabs team will be coordinating this Hardfork on Mainnet and will be reaching out to every full node operator in the Celo ecosystem in order to get them to upgrade their nodes.

We look forward to Hardfork Day! Stay tuned for more information about any events happening on Hardfork Day on February 8th. Make sure to sign up to Celo Signal mailing list to get weekly updates on the core community and the hard fork.

Best wishes,

The cLabs team