CTW Update #7 Monday July 18th, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday, I’m back with another update for Connect the World. As always, we appreciate any questions and feedback that you have on the program.

The summary:

Our pipeline has a healthy distribution of partners that are engaged, in diligence, or actively integrating. However, we have yet to have a partner complete the integration and move forward to the usability review and trial period.

Getting our partners to complete the integration will be the primary focus these next weeks. We have rolled out automated tests, which have been well received by our partners in reducing test cycle time, and will continue to explore other means to speed up integration efforts. For instance, as of last week, we had a DevRel engineer join our team to provide us with additional support - stay tuned for more details on that!

In parallel, we will be working on further refining our usability review and trial period process. We want to be more tailored and inclusive of the different regions and payment methods our partners are providing for on/off ramp coverage.

Pipeline Status

We currently have 41 partners in the pipeline, seven new partners have joined the pipeline since my last post. Most notably, we have an additional three partners that have started actively integrating.

Questions for the community

  • What information would you like to know for future updates?
  • Are you an interested CICO provider who would like to participate in the CTW program, or do you know of a CICO provider who would be? Please feel free to email me at [email protected]
  • We want to be intentional about prioritizing country ramps. Are there countries we should focus on first? Please let us know below.



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