CoinList and Valora cUSD Bonus Campaign

Hi everyone,

For a limited time, you can earn up to $10 cUSD in deposit bonus by funding your #Valora app with cUSD purchased on CoinList!

:point_right: Deposit cUSD

:point_right: Download Valora

You can read more info about the limited-time promotion here.

Here’s some more details:

If you make a purchase of cUSD on CoinList and withdraw cUSD to your Valora account between December 8th (12/8/2020) and December 22nd (12/22/2020), you may be eligible for a deposit bonus of cUSD paid directly to your Valora account. Upon conclusion of the campaign, your Valora wallet will be credited depending on the cUSD amount transferred from your CoinList wallet to your Valora wallet. Important Note: only the first transfer to your Valora wallet will be used to determine your deposit bonus tier.

  • Tier 1: Deposit 50-99 cUSD → earn up to 5 cUSD
  • Tier 2: Deposit 100-249 cUSD → earn up to 7.5 cUSD
  • Tier 3: Deposit 250-999 cUSD → earn up to 10 cUSD

To participate in the promotion, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Valora app at
  2. Create a Valora account
  3. Buy cUSD on or CoinList Pro
  4. Transfer your cUSD to your Valora app by following the instructions here
  5. Confirm your phone number by following the steps in-app

Once you set up and fund your Valora account, you’re ready to send cUSD to any phone number in your address book!

We hope you enjoy this bonus by using the Valora app to send funds worldwide — together, we can transform how value is shared throughout the world.