Chôra - Intelligent Account Abstraction Wallet [CC7 2023]

Chôra [Batch 7]

Short description

Chôra is an intelligent non-custodial account abstraction wallet with social login, 2FA, and unmatched recoverability.


CEO - Roman Khazankin | 15+ in Software, Startup #3. PhD in CS.
COO - Sascha Mundstein | Serial Entrepreneur, 20 years in Software and as a Mangager in Several Industries. Harvard, INSEAD.
CTP - Egor Erofeev | 2 years in Startup, 10+ years in Software, Master in CS.
CPO - Lorenzo aka 0xGoldo | Web3 Entrepreneur, Celo Community Moderator.

Long Description

Chôra supercharges non-custodial wallet security with social login, 2FA, and unmatched recoverability by letting the users delegate a part of security without giving away the custody of their assets.

With our smart contract, we eliminate the single point of failure and support recovery for worst cases (single-key recovery based on a time lock). We take care of the security partially (by operating a co-signing key) without taking over the custody of the account.

  • Use your existing wallet/ledger to control your account.

  • Enhanced security, rich recovery options, no single point of failure.

  • Text-to-invest: command your portfolio with AI chat.

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The idea os super cool. Congrats! But did you know that Chora in portuguese, means “cry”.

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