Celo Public Goods Funding H1 2024 | Updates and Info

This thread provides the latest insights and updates around Celo Public Goods Funding in H1 2024. Updates will also be communicated through the CeloPG Twitter account.

The CPG Stewards have produced the Celo Public Goods Hub (or visit celopg.eco) to support applicants with their proposal submission and Celo voters with their review. This wiki provides resources related to the Celo Public Goods Funding program.

Program Description
Following CGP115, Celo Governance has allocated a budget of 1,600,000 cUSD and 700,000 CELO to Fund Celo Public Goods - initiatives that generate long-term value for Celo - during the period of February 1st to July 20th, 2024.

Celo Public Goods funding is supported by the Celo Public Goods Stewards, a group of Celo contributors elected to streamline the budget distribution.

The following Strategies have received a budget and will be open for application this cycle.

Strategies Description Budget (overall)
Regional DAOs Budget for operating the Celo Regional DAOs that support growth and development in key geographic regions. 500,000 cUSD
Celo Project Incubation Budget for incubating new and existing projects on Celo. 325,000 cUSD + 100,000 CELO
Celo Grants and Requests For Proposals Budget for running Celo-native grants and identifying and funding requests for proposals. 500,000 cUSD
QF and RPGF Rounds Budget for running Celo Quadric Funding rounds and a Retrospective Public Goods initiative on Gitcoin Grants stack on Celo in Q2 2024. 125,000 cUSD + 500,000 CELO

Apply for Public Goods Funding
If a team wants to receive Celo Public Goods funding for their initiative, they can follow the Submission process in the Celo Public Goods Hub. After producing an initial draft according to the guidelines and incorporating feedback, initiatives can submit their proposal to the Celo Public Goods Snapshot space from February 19th onwards.

Proposals accepted will receive their requested budget according to defined milestones and payment terms specified in the proposal.

Vote on Public Goods Initiatives
Celo holders decide which initiatives are funded through the Celo Public Goods Snapshot space. The space utilizes the same voting power as the regular Celo Governance contracts but with a standard quorum of 2.5M CELO and always needs a majority of YES votes to pass. Each proposal will be up for 5 full days, during which Celo holders can vote.

An overview of all upcoming, active, and past proposals can be viewed in the CPG Hub.


The following two Public Goods Proposals in the [FINAL] stage have been submitted to the Celo Public Goods Snapshot to start their voting process from today until Sunday Feb 25th onwards.

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We’ve just published a thread summarizing the Celo Public Goods process on our Twitter account.

CPG Update
Voter participation in the CeloPG Snapshot is low because Celo Validators and stakeholders with CELO custody solutions haven’t been able to cast their votes due to technical limitations. The CPG Stewards are working on solutions with the Snapshot team to ensure all Celo stakeholders can vote on Celo Public Goods; however, this could take some time.

To ensure all Celo voters have a voice and to avoid further delays for the Celo Public Goods program, we will use the existing Celo Governance contracts to tally Celo voters’ support for the current Celo Public Goods proposals.

Besides the voting solution used for the initial CeloPG proposals, all program details will remain the same. As such, the Celo Public Goods proposals will not include a payload, as passed proposals will receive funding through the Celo Public Goods Safe.

To stick as close as possible to the outline of CGP115 - we will use the Quorum (2.5M CELO) and Approval threshold (50%) for Celo Public Goods Proposals as specified in the Governance Guidelines. to determine if a proposal has community support or not.

The Celo Camp and Celo EU proposals will be submitted to Celo Governance as soon as possible, with the other proposals ready for submission (FINAL) to be submitted next week.