Celo Europe H1 2024 | Regional DAO [FINAL]

Authors: Joan de Ramón, Luuk Weber, Niko da Costa Gomez

Budget Request: $168,250 cUSD

Proposal Type: CPG Funding Request | Regional DAO

We’re excited to share our Draft proposal for Celo Europe H1 2024 in line with the Celo Public Goods Funding proposal for stakeholder input and early collaborations.


This proposal aims to fund the Celo Europe DAO from February 1st, 2023, until June 30th, 2023, for 168,250 cUSD to accelerate business development and user adoption in Europe. The proposal integrates the learnings from Season 0. It focuses on three main pillars: Events and Community Development, Business Development and Investor Relationships, and Content Production and storytelling to attract and retain different forms of capital for Celo.


After a successful trial season 0 of Celo Europe DAO, we see a lot of value in continuing Celo Europe DAO in 2024 to capitalize on the network established in S0 and continue to have a strong presence in the European market.


To streamline development, we’ve separated our initiatives into three pillars to attract and retain all forms of capital to Celo collectively.

Focus Area 1: Events and Community Development

Building on the event network established in S0, we want to continue accelerating the Celo Ecosystem in Europe by organizing transformative events and having a strong representation at the leading conferences.

One of the identified needs in S0 was having a Celo stakeholder conference to bring all contributors and builders together. We evaluated organizing a Celo Connect but realized that the resources needed to organize a Flagship conference would exceed our H1 capacity. Nevertheless, gathering all Celo stakeholders is essential, especially after the CEL2 decision. We propose organizing Celo Gather, a 2-day Ecosystem Gathering during the Berlin Blockchain Week (18-26 May).

We aim to have a strong presence during ETHGlobal London (March), EthDam Amsterdam (April), Berlin Blockchain Week (May), and EthCC Brussels (July).

Key performance indicators

  • A. Organize Celo Gather: The Celo Stakeholder gathering during the Berlin Blockchain Week in May with at least 150 attendees.
  • B. Create a Local Celo Meetup guide and organize at least 5 local meetups in 3+ countries.
  • C. Organize a Hackathon track focussed around Celo Public Goods.
  • D. Host at least 200 people in the Celo Hubs in Madrid and Berlin for events, meetings, or co-working.
  • E. Represent Celo at 4 top conferences in Europe in H1

Focus Area 2: Business Development and Investor Relationship

One of Celo Builders’s largest challenges is the limited capital available for ReFi and Public Goods projects. Often, Celo founders spend months pitching to groups with little to no insights into the emerging sectors of ReFi, RWA, and Public Goods.

We want to iterate on the Celo Network and Ecosystem investment thesis and educate potential investors (HNWI, Hedge Funds, Venture Funds, Multinationals) about the potential of Celo and the projects building on top of it. We would develop, iterate, and distribute key resources and materials that get potential investors up to speed and gather their interest in an EU Investor Network.

Key performance indicators

  • A. Establish an EU Investor Network with at least 50 investors
  • B. Create at least 3 key Celo Ecosystem, ReFi, and Public Goods resources to share with Investors and publish on the CeloEU DAO website.
  • C. Partner with at least 4 traditional financial institutions, hedge funds, and universities to share and educate about the potential of Web 3.0 and ReFi powered by Celo.
  • D. Explore the potential of the Celo Community Treasury to fund builders and attract liquidity and capital to Celo.

Focus Area 3: Content Production and storytelling

Building on the successful production of mini-documentaries, after movies, and reports, we want to continue to produce high-quality resources and media that gain insights and showcase the impact and potential of the Celo ecosystem. We’ll leverage the existing event timeline and established network to produce value-aligned content.

Key performance indicators

  • A. Create at least two timely and relevant mini-documentaries, such as the CEL2 video with Marek.
  • Create a reel at the following leading conferences: London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brussels.
  • B. Record at least 15 videos throughout H1 at the leading conferences.

Operations and Accounting

In addition to the three pillars, we want to continue to strive for operational excellence and aim to support the coordination between various Celo Community Treasury-funded groups and provide clear reporting and accounting.


Below is a breakdown of the Celo EU budget per category. A more detailed breakdown with estimation and lead per item can be found in this sheet.

Payment Terms

We propose to receive the budget in two installments: the Q1 budget at the start of the proposal and the Q2 budget at the end of March after submitting a Q1 progress report on the Celo Forum.

Item Q1 Q2 Total
Events & Community Development $10,000 $16,000 $26,000
Celo Gather Budget $25,000 $35,000 $60,000
Business Development and Investor Relationships $10,000 $12,500 $22,500
Content Production and storytelling $5,000 $13,000 $18,000
Capacity Building and Acceleration $2,000 $8,000 $10,000
Operations and Accounting $5,000 $7,250 $12,250
Website and Socials $3,000 $4,500 $7.500
Software, Travel, and other Misc $4,000 $8,000 $12,000
Total $64,000 $104.250 $168,250

Any funds left on July 31st will be returned to the Celo Community Treasury as we did in S0 where we sent 29% of the budget back at the end of the Season.


The following four people will manage the Celo EU multisig and coordination of the resources. A wide range of proven freelancers will support the team to execute the project plan, including Elad Mintzer as a key contributor

Updates since S0:
Luuk Weber, the founder of Kolektivo Labs, has stepped down as unofficial lead of Celo EU and is replaced by Joan de Ramón, who will formally lead Celo EU.
Pedro Oliveira, founder of Talent Protocol, has stepped down from his role as multisig signer.

Niko da Costa Gomez, who functioned as the Creative Director of Celo EU in S0, joined as a multisig signer.

  1. Joan de Ramón Brunet
  2. Marco Barbosa, Founder at ImpactMarket
  3. Luuk Weber, Founder at Kolektivo Labs
  4. Niko da Costa Gomez, Creative Director at Kolektivo Labs

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