Celo Europe - Progress Report Q1 2024

This thread provides an update on the Celo Europe H1 program progress during the initial 10 weeks (February 1st - April 15th, 2024) and provides insights into the upcoming 10 weeks.

Written by Luuk Weber @LuukDAO, @joan_ethichu, and @NikoG.

Budget and Spending
The requested budget for Q1 was $64,000. On April 1st, Celo Europe Multisig was still holding $12,520, of which about ~ $7,000 had already been earmarked. Based on our current projections, Celo Europe will have a surplus of $5,000-$15,000 cUSD at the end of the H1 program, which it will return to the Celo Community Treasury on July 31st, as outlined in our proposal.

Focus Area 1: Events and Community Development
Our Events and Community Development plans are on track and projected to hit (or surpass) our initial milestones! We’re especially excited about Celo Gather and the multiple events that will take place around ETHCC. The Berlin Hub closing is one of the lowlights of Q1.

  • A. Secured a great venue and went live with the Celo Gather event page. On track to welcome 150 key Celo stakeholders on May 24th in Berlin.

  • B. Supporting up to 5+ local meetups in collaboration with ReFiDAO, which has created resources for event organizers. Hosted two RWA meetups with 150 attendees combined. Planning an event for ETHCC and collaboration with Shelling Point in Brussels. Presented at Regens Unite London (Monty), ReFI Meetup (Niko) in Lisbon.

  • C. Planning a Public Goods Bonus track around ETHCC.

  • D. Hosted two events at Casa Celo Madrid, with about ~70 attendees. Berlin Hub was closed due to the building’s shutdown.

  • E. Hosted RWA Meetups and represented at ETHGlobal London and EthDAM Amsterdam, planned trips and events in Berlin and Brussels.

Focus Area 2: Business Development and Investor Relationship
During this period, we contacted dozens of investors to better understand their interests. Coordinating institutional events has taken more energy than expected, as things move slower than Web3 native events. We’ve explored the potential for a virtual Celo Demo Day but haven’t yet identified the right format. We do expect to reach our established KPIs by the end of Q2.

  • A. So far, we’ve connected with ~15 investors and created a database of 30 investors, segmented by investing vertical and status.

  • B. In the initial weeks, we interviewed stakeholders to understand trends and needs better. These insights will now be used to produce critical resources to be shared with potential partners and investors.

  • C. We haven’t hosted any institutional event yet, but are in conversation with institutions including Eada, IE, and TelefĂłnica, and Impact Plus to potentially (co)host a workshop.

  • D. We supported the Red Beard Ventures and Outlier Ventures proposals through multiple calls, feedback, and governance guidelines support. We are actively exploring the potential of the Celo Community Treasury to support Celo native ventures. However, more research (and additional structuring) is required for the Celo Community Treasury to fund “invest” in builders.

Focus Area 3: Content Production and storytelling
In the first quarter of 2024, we recorded content in Amsterdam and London, however, the main activities where planning the mini-documentaries and preparing the team and set-up for Celo Gather recordings. We anticipate surpassing all three milestones in terms of the quantity of produced content while keeping the quality high.

  • A. We now have two mini-documentaries in the pipeline, ready to be filmed for this quarter. The first one will be with Talent Protocol x ENS in the first week of May, and the second documentary will be filmed in Berlin with Mento to cover their upcoming spin-out and $MENTO token launch.
  • B. We produced Reels at the following events: RWA Breakfast in London, Celo x ETHGlobal London, and RWA Happy Hour in Amsterdam. We will produce additional reels in Berlin and Brussels.
  • C. So far we only produced 3 out of 15 videos, but recordings will ramp up significantly in May around Celo Gather.

With this update, we kindly request the CeloPG Stewards to transfer our second tranche of the H1 budget so that we can coordinate the second half of our proposal.

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Great job so far, team!

A couple of comments:

  • Focus Area 2 seems to be falling behind in terms of progress when compared to Focus Areas 1 and 3. Maybe you could consider organizing a invite-only private roundtable meal, during Celo Gather days, for investors + key Celo stakeholders? Maybe this would be more fruitful and less time-consuming at this stage. Please consider this humble idea.

  • Talent Protocol will also have a relevant presence at EthCC Brussels, with our own team but also a cohort of Take Off scholars. Let’s make sure scholars attend Celo-bound events :wink:

Let’s do this!


Great job Europe DAO :slight_smile: